Monday, October 1, 2012

National Homemade Cookie Day

Upon researching great days in October to be born, we noticed that Oct 1 is national homemade cookie day. Since Baby Girl doesn't seem to want to share her birthday with this national holiday, Owen and I got to work. We have some holiday celebrating to do... and what a better way than to let my special helper work in the kitchen? He LOVES helping in the kitchen.
He also loves dipping his fingers in the sugar.

And stirring...

And finding the white chocolate chips...

And doing the dishes! How about that?

We of course had to sit down and enjoy a few after all was said and done.
After they cooled we packaged them up and brought some to the MiMas and Papas. Warning as you eat them MiMas & Papas.... you've seen the little tiny fingers all over the dough. I hear germs bake out though, right? And of course, we started with very clean hands.

Here's a 39 week photo shot. I've grown considerably in the week. I'm dressed up because Mike and I were able to have a spontaneous date afternoon at the symphony. The baby loved it. She literally moved the entire time. Very neat. Apparently the movement was not enough to break my water, though ;)

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  1. Yay for the growth...always good to have them pack on the pounds (though not always good for the mommas). But you look fabulous, darling! ;) Oh, and by the way, I will take fingerprinted cookies ANYTIME!! :)