Monday, June 27, 2016

Macy13 months: Pointing!

Something happened to my flexible, easy-to-anticipate Macy. Her 13th month has been...challenging! Maybe it's because she's learning so much every day that she's just exhausted? Maybe it's molars? She does have a lot more teeth than the other kids at this age. Maybe it's the transition to daycare? Whew. I'm not sure.  Still love her to pieces, but ready for the next phase!

This video is really cute though! She's not walking.. 
She's really scared to try. Her legs are so strong that she can sit and stand without holding on to anything. I know she's ready physically, but mentally we are working through some tentativeness!

                                    She's at the age where drawers of goodies are oh so fun! 

Park days. We've been trying to spend a lot of time at parks. This is the park at Owen's new kindergarten! Macy can be difficult at parks bc she wants to be down exploring, but the hot pavement is painful to her hands and knee caps!

The water table at home is perfect for good summer fun. 


Here's my sweetsie sweet!

This video was from last week after her school day. She was asleep (in my arms) by 6:25 that night. I know those days are really long for her. I'm so grateful she only has to go to school twice a week. 

She's working hard. This month's tally: 

Words (4)
Dada (most frequently used)
Ni Ni (night night)
Dat (mostly means dog)

Teeth (7)
No more since the last time I reported. Lots of drooling though. 

Signs (3)
All done
..these communication tactics have been wonderful during the last month!

Ounces of Milk consumed (?????)
Can't remember why the transition from formula to milk happens at the same time you're supposed to give up a bottle. What are pediatricians thinking? Well anyway, she still gets one bottle of luke warm whole milk at 5:30 or 6:00 am because I know she'll take 8 oz. Then I feel like we are at least starting the day on the right foot. (She also goes back to bed after that bottle, and so I can get ready without chasing a busy bee!) She just drinks (with assistance) from the sippy cup the rest of the day. Girlfriend will not pick it up on her own, but she will ask for more! But generally I have no idea how much she's getting!

Naps (1-2)
One nap at school and two on her 'at home' days to catch up. Any sleep transition can be tough, and maybe this is the sole reason she's been more fussy. She's sleeping from 6:30 pm -7:30 am though!

Biggest development is that she's starting to point. Only so far at pictures on books, but I know this is the start of a wonderful milestone. Yay Macy! 

Owen @ 13 months.

And a picture of Amelia @ 13 months! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday!

A few months back, my friend Mandy posted pictures of her daughter, Grace's first birthday. Mandy has one child, artsy skills, and apparently, time! I emailed her and said. I LOVE those decorations. Where did you buy them? She responded.. I made them ALL. And, I'll send them to you for Macy. We had a deal. So Macy had a very hungry caterpillar birthday. The hungry caterpillar eats through a lot of fruit, which is a cheap way to throw a party in May!

Some of the spread!

Macy's fan club (minus daddy & the papas!)

After a little nap, the birthday girl was ready to party!

Sweetsie first birthday outfit! (Macy is embroidered at the bottom). 

Look I can stand on my own!

I am WELL loved. 

Macy's godmother, Ali with her baby Grant. And Jess (Schuster) Cornell with Eve!

Two Olivias!

Party guests, gifts, & snapshots!

Time for the smash cake!

....a little tentative at first. 

...but she had lots of fun in the end!

I would say she understood the meaning of 'smash' cake. 
Oskee enjoyed the clean up ;)
Francis Boys

My dream come true! A table loaded with happy kids. #blessed. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy Birthday, Macy Evelyn!

I can not believe Macy is 12 months old. It does seem like just yeterday that she completed our family of 5! I thought that I would be more sad to have my last infant turn one, but she's so much fun that I am not lamenting anything. I am sure that I'll be sobbing when she goes to Kindergarten, but for now I'm in celebration mode. 

Here are her stats:
Weight 20 lbs 1oz (50%)
Height: 28.5 inches (25-50%) 
Head Circumference (10-25%). 

AND because she is #3... here is how she compares to her siblings at one year!

Weight: 20lb 15.6 oz (50%)
Height: 30 inches (75%)
Head Circ: 17.25 cm (10-25%) 
21lbs 6oz (25%)
30.5 inches long (75%)
Head circumference (10%)

Just like her big bro, she loves to pull books off of shelves.
.... and she doesn't want to miss a thing! But she will actually sleep when she's tired (unlike Owen). 

She loves to 'help' around the house. Dishes and laundry are her favorites :) 

Cards game early May was chilly!

And she loved the play area. She is not timid at all to play with the big kids! 

Take me out to the ballgame!

This is my favorite picture of these two beautiful girls. I hope that they grow up close and have different interests so they don't have a lot of competition!

I love to eat finger foods!


 Toilet paper is my favorite pastime. I love to unroll it, play with it, and most of all I love to eat it!

 A special mother's day pic. My heart just overflows.

 How big is Macy? SO BIG!
Here's a sneak preview of her bday party!

 All DONE! I got cake everywhere.. but didn't eat a lot of it!

 Tuckered out after her party. Love that she's my thumb sucker. May not love the orthodontic bills, though ;) 

When the big kids get a special treat, we give Macy an ice cream cone. She doesn't even need ice cream in it.. Love that she's easy to please!

  •  On her 12 month birthday, she had FIVE teeth. She beat both O&A by 3-4 whole teeth.
  • Vocals are starting!! Everyone is 'Dada'. She says 'BaBa' for bye bye and she imitates clapping, waving, and combing hair.
  • She stands on her own for a loooooong time (30-45 seconds) and can go from sitting to standing without holding on to anything. She will NOT be coaxed to take steps, though! Somehow I think I need to get her to do it just once, and then she'll take off. I know that walking babies are busy babies, but it would be great for her to walk at the park instead of crawl and eat mulch.
  • She loves to go up stairs. We have lots of work to do for DOWN. 
  • She eats anything and everything. I love feeding this age!
  • Her pincher grasp is quite defined. She can even get dog whiskers!
  • I can't remember how to transition infants off of bottles. SO, she's still taking one in the morning and before bed. She does great with the sippy (and even cold milk) during the day. We'll continue to work on this transition!
  • She loves the water. One of her birthday gifts was swim lessons, stay tuned!
  • She started day care. We are through 3 days! She's doing well but comes home completely exhausted and very thirsty. Fortunately she only goes to day care 2 days a week, and she can have her 2 naps a day the other 5. I feel bad pushing her in this way..but I guess that's the down side of being #3. She'll be ok, right? 
Macy Evelyn. we delight in you. I can't wait to watch you grow and develop over the next year. I know God has given you special gifts and he has big plans for you too!