Friday, May 16, 2014

Fighter Pilot

The week after we saw the Blue Angels fly their F-18s (is that the right plane, Mike? ;) ), Owen decided to try to become a fighter jet pilot in his own right. I don't think I blogged about his pneumonia, but alas he did have pneumonia in April somtime. He cleared it fine, but there was some residual inflammation further injured by the seasonal allergens that were just around the corner. It seems like it's been a terrible spring for allergies in StL, but then again I think that every year.
So last week, O had a hard night, complaining of nausea. That morning he woke up and came in to bed with me when I noticed he was having trouble breathing. Every good day starts out with a little respiratory distress, right? So we spent some good ol' time in Dr. Cole's office that morning getting a breathing treatment and starting on oral steroids and singulair, too. We got to buy our very own nebulizer that day and bring it home for every 4 hour breathing treamtents. Mike had the great idea to run with the fighter pilot theme and he pulled up some fun YouTube videos to watch while O sat with his nebulizer.
He did a great job with his nebs & steroids... the steroids didn't even make him too cranky. Hopefully the singulair and zyrtec daily decrease the inflammation enough to avoid an asthma diagnosis!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

19 Months: 'No'

"Millie should we take a bath?"
"Millie should we brush teeth?"
"Millie would you like to get dressed?"
"Millie do you want some milk?"
"Millie, please sit on your bottom."
"Millie let's change your pants."
"Millie let's go to bed."
.....Noticing a theme here?! It's her new favorite word. And why am I asking her questions with a yes or no answer? I.don't.know.
She's coming along in the word department! New words: Papa, Car, Ooooooo (Long O, inflection at the end.. for Owen), Luv You, Yadi (these last 2 sound quite similar), Uh Oh, Duck, Baba (Bib),

About to run... because I'm about to take those wipes. She loves to unload the entire package.
Favorite sensory activity of the month: a big bucket of pasta.
Lots of pouring, dumping on the floor, eating... you know!

One day after nap, I had bowls containing the rest of the Easter candy. This was a special treat accompanied by 30 minutes of PBS kids. I just had to get it, and they were obviously thrilled!

She just wants to be big. Big shoes. Big slides. Big meals. Cups without lids. Big.

Last Saturday we had a long afternoon (minimal naps) at the St. Louis air show watching the Blue Angels. The traffic was horrid so we didn't make it all of the way to the show, but we found a field and the kids ran while the fighter jets flew overhead. After we got home it was time for bath and snuggle time. She needed her baby and her blanket.

This girl has no fear. None. I constantly find her on top of things.
She's honestly going to really hurt herself.

She still loves the Tupperware drawer, too... a little piece of 'baby' that's
 left in my very active and dynamic toddler. (I guess the pacifier counts as a baby activity as well!)
She's finally really interested in learning words. Most meals include her pointing at different objects as if to ask what it's called. Sometimes she tries to repeat the word, and sometimes she moves on. It's been the most fun development of the last month, that's for sure!
She's also developed the blood curdling scream (quite dramatic in the library), and she pulls it out when we have to leave a place where she does not wish to leave. It's a bit embarrassing, and I need to figure out how to nip it... however I think it will take longer than I'd like!
Thanks for following our little girl along through her growth & development!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was remarkable... especially compared to Easter 2013 when O had a visit from ED (explosive diarrhea) that fountained out of his diaper. ED did not show up this year, and we were grateful! We did miss our church's egg hunt because O was recovering from his pneumonia, but I think that was a blessing because it leaked out to, and 1000 people came and consumed 1300 hot dogs. It was pure chaos apparently.

We attempted an egg hunt at Mima and Papa Wade's church, but they weren't doing an egg hunt. They were actually teaching kids about Jesus.. can you even believe?!!?? =) Great idea, but too 'old' for our young kids. Ava sure did look great in her Sunday best, though.

Carson & Owen showed up in the same shirt... my little boy just adores his big cousin.
And I'm also a pretty big fan of Carson. He's a great role model.

On the Saturday before Easter, Owen and got to dye eggs while Millie was sleeping. That was a special treat for him & damage control for me! I had 3 left over colors from my PAAS pack from last year, so that's what we used. I know, I'm lame. But he didn't know any different.


Daddy showing him how to do multiple colors!

Perfectly and delicately placing his eggs.

I think he did a great job!

The Easter bunny went with a 'beach accessory' theme in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Maui.

The Easter bunny also shopped in the dollar section at target.

In an effort to try to put a little meaning in to the kids gifts, I made super hero capes. O had seen these in a Family Fun magazine and asked for one. I couldn't leave Millie out, though! They were suuuuper easy. I can do anything with straight lines!
O loves his. Millie hates hers. For now, anyway!

Little red riding hood.

Finally A woke up on Easter morning ready for a little fun herself.

Bedhead basket. She wasn't as interested in hunting for eggs.. more so just eating
what she found inside!

Next came he impossible.. trying to get a picture of the 2 of them together. O was trying to corral her here, but I thought it was still a cute pic. Mike says getting pictures of the kids together is the hardest task known to man! 



Excited to experience church at Powell Symphony Hall!
Here's a before shot of the musicians warming up at Powell. Mike and I were volunteering that morning so we got a little sneak peak. It was a powerful service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, and the grandiosity of the setting certainly enhanced (my) emotions. The service also included a testimony from 2 parents who lost their son at 13 months. They talked about how without Jesus, all hope would be completely gone for them. In Christ there is a tomorrow and they know their Ollie is playing in heaven. This was followed by a laaaarge black man singing 'How Great Thou Art'.

We followed church up with a fabulous brunch at Mima & Papa Cooper's house. Five days after the end of tax season, my mom was gracious enough to host our family, Mima & Papa Wade, and The Nieders clan. It was SO nice to be all together as one big family, and I appreciate my folks' hosting!

Uncle Steven can not get enough of these kids, too.

Reaching for bubbles.
Playing in the garden.

Running from Papa.

Scaling the Wall.

Making new friends.
Easter ended with Owen's dream come true: A spin around the block in Uncle Steven's orange mustang.
I am so grateful for Jesus; His life, death, and resurrection. And I am (literally) eternally grateful to celebrate Him on Easter instead of the easter bunny. I am grateful for a family that joined us at our church for an Easter celebration, and I am so grateful for a church community that I love and adore.
Happy belated Easter to all of you!