Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Fun Class

One thing I've learned about the combination of Owen + Mommy is that we absolutely must get out of the house. I think it's great for both of us individually and as a combo. We've been lucky that Amelia's schedule has been flexible up to this point, so we've been able to go whenever it works for O. (Her daytime sleep habits are getting more structured, so this may not be true too much longer..)
So our January/Feb activity was a Family Fun class through the Parkway school district. I was SUPER impressed at the creativity and structure of these classes/teachers.
Week 1: Senses
Owen looved playing with the cars in shaving cream. He still talks about it. I should set it up for him at home... but  maybe this summer.
Week 2: Winter Wonderland
Here he is playing with a wolf in fake snow. He said this wolf was named 'Abbey', just like my parents' old dog. It's amazing that he remembers her!

Painting with ice cubes. So clever! I love getting ideas from these ladies.

Coloring snow men... a righty.
Week 3: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
How cute are these kiddies with their teddy bears?!

This was my favorite station, of course. How have I not purchased a medical toy set for him?!

This is my absolute fave.
Before structured time, they let the kids play around with toys of their choosing. O picked this school bus every week!

And he ran the school bus down this slide every week as well.
A bunch of boys playing in dry pasta. Too fun. So cute.

The idea of this activity was to wet the sponge and then place 'lick 'em, stick 'em' stickers on it. Owen stacked the sponges instead. There will be an entire post dedicated to his stacking.
 Week 4: Valentine's Fun
Playing with 'Gak'.... he really didn't like how it made his hands dirty.

 Playing with sponges in the water table. The kid loves to play with water.
We're so sad that the class is over. One week went by without a scheduled something, and so I've re-signed him up for gym class. (It's twice as much and not as creative, but he loves it just the same, and I love having set time dedicated just to him each week).
I should also mention that Amelia was with us during each of these classes, and she was an absolute gem.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I received these pictures in the mail with the 'Thank you" from Laura & Wes Rogers' wedding on 12-1-12. What an awesome idea to include these photos in your guest book and then to share them with your guests. I was overjoyed to receive these pics, and as I scanned them in to the computer, I labeled them 'happiness'.
I do just feel so happy & blessed to be married to this man.

Mike and I are in the midst of a busy travel season. He was in Seattle for 12 days and leaves again Monday for Maryland for 2 weeks. The Seattle trip was tough for both of us, but I felt grateful to have renewed perspective on my extreme appreciation and adoration for my life partner.
Hope this finds you happy today.

Friday, February 8, 2013

4 months: Giggles & Rolls

Here are the 4 months stats for our little rolly polly (tummy to back):
Weight: 13 lb 6.8oz (50%)
Length: 25 inches (75%)
Head: 15 3/4 inches (25-50%)

Our little cupcake is now winning our hearts with her chuckles & chortles. Her giggle doesn't go on and on (yet), but we do get one short, staccato laugh when we blow bubbles or kiss her belly. I'll take it!
These first 3 pictures from the '4 month shoot' just take my breath away!

Love her 1/2 moon eyes.

This one totally captures her sweetsie personality. I continue to be oh-so-mushy over this baby. It's not hard to see why!
She loves her birthday tu-tu.

 Thanks to the Wehmeiers, Millie's wardrobe is fully stocked with animal prints. I love them, and I'm pretty sure she does too!

This picture highlights her dark (yay!) duck down. I don't recall Owen's hair being this soft ever. I could run my hands through it all day long. I posted this picture on facebook with the caption that said 'This lowers blood pressure better than a beta blocker'. It's true.


milk drunk

She loves to get her arms out of that swaddle and over her head!
Our little book worm. She loves to look at them this way, and she loves to be read too, as well. She'll kick and wave her arms up and down!
Play date with Kaitlyn (5 mo).

Going down the slide with Miss Ali

 Rockin' her tummy time.
She has a lot of tummy time encouragers, too.
Owen loves to accompany her every move!
Owl always love you, Millie
And of course... 5 additional reasons we think Millie is the best ever.......
1. She's bearing weight on her legs when we hold her in a 'standing' position.
2. She still loves to lay on her back and play
3. She has LOTS of new sounds... I hear her using the 'g' sound. She has also found another part of her voice.. the squealing/screeching part. It's actually a bit much for me (!), and I feel as if our days of having her in church are long gone. 
4. There's still no daily schedule. Part of me is ready for this, and the other part enjoys the flexibility. The last 2 days, she's taken a 2 hour nap in the after noon. I could really get used to that. At night we're sort of sleep training to try to get her to eat every 4 hours (though she still like to wake every 3). These nights gets sooo long sometimes.
5. She's wearing 3-6 or 6 month sized clothes. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

So do they look alike?

Millie's 4 month post will come in a few days, but in the mean time... do we think they look alike? I certainly think they favor each other, but I see more Wade in Millie and more Cooper in Owen. What are your thoughts?

Amelia, January 2013 (almost 4 months)
Owen, April 2011 (almost 4 months)