Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Apple of My Eye

Apple of my Eye: A phrase; usually figurative, meaning something, or more usually someone, cherished above others.

Baby Wade, you are indeed cherished above others. My friend Claire sent a card this week that said "We already love you and we haven't even met you yet". Well that was certainly enough to make a pregnant girl cry.

So on to the belly.. still not much progress on the bump largely due to my apparently long torso. Don't worry, I'm not complaining.. it will come soon enough! I am getting carried away with the fruit, however. I've noticed that right now when I go to the grocery store I pick out the biggest fruit-of-the-week that I can find. The website didn't distinguish between granny smith, fuji, etc.. so I just picked the big one. I'm sure when I get to watermelon, I will pick out the smallest  one I can find.
That being said, if the baby truly is the size of the apple I picked out, it has grown remarkable amounts in the last week. We had an orange on hand that was just slightly larger than the lemon, likely closer to size. This can be a 2 fruit week.
May be a slight bump in the side view... or the TCBY ice cream I just ate.

Baby Wade also got it's first Missouri Tiger outfit this week from Dr. Laura in KC! I was thrilled (Mike, not as much). Looks like Baby Wade #1 is headed straight for the land of the Tigers. #2 can go Big Ten. I'll allow it. So now Baby has 2 outfits: Tigers and Cardinals. I like the way this is shaping up.

Well, Papa and Grandma (previously named Gaga by Carson) Wade have just sent all of the Alaska pictures, so we'll have to post some for your enjoyment. Stay tuned.

Love, Heather, Mike and the little Tyke

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Little Baby Wade has officially reached the 2nd trimester, and she/he is the size of a lemon this week. Mike and I get a real kick out of the weekly updates from where they compare the size of the baby to a fruit. We plan to purchase said fruit each week and take a picture next to my growing abdomen. This may have been harder a few weeks ago when we were the size of a kumquat (where does one find a kumquat?), but lemons, mangos, avocados etc should be a piece of cake. I am not showing at all yet, but I am sure it will sneak up on me one of these days.

                                          Little Lemon, 14 weeks, 6/24/10.

I apologize for my very white skin. I didn't realize how pale I was until Mike took this picture this morning before work. Mike says we are so white that aliens could spot us from outerspace. You have to understand, it's been 272 days since the city of Seattle has seen 75 degree weather, let alone the sun. Praise God for Vitamin D supplements.

In other news, we had a fantastic report from the OB this week. Baby Wade's heartbeat is strong and steady at 150bpm. What a beautiful sound to our ears! The OB said, "Now, that's a good little tyke". Therefore, we are upgrading from Little Nugget (which Mike wasn't really a fan of) to Little Tyke. We are thrilled beyond belief, and we can't believe all that God has in store for this little one. Thanks for tuning in.

When life gives you lemons, make a baby. Love, Mike and Heather and Little Tyke

Sunday, June 20, 2010

And the Adventure Begins......

Welcome to the first blog post of the growing Wade family. We aren't just growing because we returned from an Alaskan cruise yesterday and each meal contained 5 courses. We are growing because there is a little Wade on the way, due to make his or her appearance on or around 12/23/10. This tiny bundle of joy will add itself to the long list of family members who also have a birthday the week of Christmas: mom (12/29), Grandma Cooper (12/27) and Grandma Wade (12/25).
Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled and petrified at the thought of bringing a baby into the world. We just hope and pray the Cooper-Wade genetic makeup is a fruitful one. We know with 100% certainty that this baby will have long legs and a sense of humor most satisfied by very cheesy jokes. The rest is a mystery.

So far the 'little nugget' as I like to call it has grown from being the size of a grape to a lime to a medium sized shrimp this week. We are rounding out the last few days of the first trimester, and I am feeling great. I decided to wait until the morning sickness, etc subsided before I started the blog. No one wants to read a pregnant woman's complaints. Please enjoy the first picture. We will update often.

This is grape size at 9 weeks. We are at 13.5 weeks now. Thanks for sharing in our joy. Heather and Mike