Sunday, March 27, 2011

three months!

Well here we are at 3 months old! Owen has had a very exciting last week of being 2 months! Gaga and Papa Wade were in town, he took his first road trip (mom made some rookie mistakes), AND he met firefighters for the first time (that's a long story that results in a broken water heater, baths in a hotel, and mom and dad spending $1200 =)

 I love this shirt and that sly little smile. The past few days he has been doing this same smile with his tongue sticking out. I couldn't quite capture that one!

 The Mr. Man in his Bumbo seat. He is doing a fantastic job of holding his head up!!
 You leave the baby home with Mike for a day, and this photo shoot happens! I am glad he at least included the Tiger blanket!
You'll notice that he is always looking to the right. This is a case of (very) slight torticolis. Becky Wade says it's because he was a born republican. I suppose he is a Wade boy, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's true!

This is bat baby's favorite past time... sucking on his hand. He doesn't care if it's the left or right these days. He sucks it to the point that he has a little rash forming.. oh Owen.

 This documents his first road trip! He did a fantastic job being in the car for so long, but he is now very tired of his car seat, and he's unhappy when we start to strap him in. I think this week, we'll try to lay low on the errand running!

 The little baby puppy dog...

 OK, I couldn't help myself taking pictures of the little nakey baby. Can you tell that he is 90% for height and 25% for weight? Skinny skinny, but look at that head control!

 love the naked baby

This is his favorite activity, to goo and play on his back. He is loving toys now, sometimes grabbing at them. He can certainly track them as well, and I just think that is so so cool. He is developing right before my very eyes, and I love it!

I think these pictures highlight well the last few weeks. We are hoping that in our post for 4 months we can report something about sleeping longer through the night...

We love and miss all of you! xoxox, the Wades

Monday, March 14, 2011

11 weeks- flying by!

Monday's child is fair in the face. That is for sure my little boy. He was born on a Monday, and for the past 11 weeks I have had the goal to post a picture and document his development over the last week. Well maybe this is the start of that goal.

Week 11.

Look @ his cutesie homemade gifts we received in the last week! Cousin Amy Cooper sent the adorable 'O' onesie, and Karen Dichsen and the KAMB clan made the leg warmers! I LOVE both of them....put them together in one fantastic outfit, and we have a cute cute baby boy.

He's getting better at tummy time. He still rolls over all of the time, but now he is even more content to push up.... and are you ready for this? He has started to scoot! Yesterday I put him down on his tummy while I washed out his diaper (takes approx 45 seconds). When I came back in the room he had turned 90 degrees. I am concerned that I will have a very early 'mover' here. Dear Owen, please remain mostly stationary until Mama graduates in June. PLEASE!!! I'm already worn out enough!

Hi. My dad's name is Mike Wade. I look exactly like him.

Here was the first outfit of the day. (We had a blow out... pretty much a daily occurrence around here!) I managed to get a sweet sweet smile out of him. He will give them out but you REALLY have to work for it.

Kicking and playing....and another face that looks just like his daddy!

Here are a few developmental highlights from the last week or so. He has discovered his right hand, both visually and orally. For several days he couldn't get that hand out of his mouth. Now he likes sucking on his lower lip. His head control is improving by the day, and he can sit in his 'Bumbo' seat for a good few minutes. He's made best friends with his mobile, and he loves to talk to it as he goes to bed and also in the middle of the night (45 minutes worth of talking last night). It's pretty adorable though, and I am glad he is starting to entertain himself some.

Here's a video. I tried SO hard to get him to smile, but he just wasn't willing. I'll try to video tape a diaper change.. that is his favorite time of day!

So long from Seattle where spring is springing. We've got buds on the trees in our parking lot. Praise the Lord!

We miss and love you all. xoxo, Mike, Heather, Owen, and Oskee

Sunday, March 6, 2011

handful of luvin

Owen has many girlfriends! Our lives are full of babies here in Seattle, and we love introducing Owen to all of his new girlfriends. Mike says not to get any ideas, he needs to teach Owen 'how to treat a lady' before I start setting him up. I suppose that's fair.

Owen and Amity (DOB 2-7-11). They are exactly 6 weeks apart, and what a dynamic 6 weeks that is! The size and attitude of the babies cracks me up! He is trying to hold her hand all by himself. I didn't encourage it at all.

We did everything we could to get her to look up, but to no avail. These two will be the best of friends, I am sure!

A real life Owcy! Owen, meet Lucy (DOB 1-6-11)! These two are 10 days apart! They look the same size and have matching fencer reflexes which I LOVE!

Lucy's mom (Wendy) and I tried to take them to a coffee shop, but they were both SO loud that we ended up walking them home in the rain. The outing was sort of a bust, but we felt like we were in good company!

This picture also captures Owen's favorite pasttime from the last week... his right hand. He is going to town sucking on that thing!

Last night we went to see the Forston girls. Here are Allison (L) and Chloe (R), born on 11-13-09. They weren't too interested in the baby, but they sure are adorable in their matching outfits!

This is their older sister Kylie (DOB 5-9-08) was so excited to meet baby Owen and hold him.

Here are even more little girls (!) excited to hold baby Owen. Chloe (DOB 6-4-07) dressed up in her princess tutu to hold the baby as her younger sister Olivia (DOB 11-19-09) looks on.

We are just having a blast entering in to this new season of life with our community here in Seattle. After we had the baby, Mike and I realized just how many friends we have here... we had so many visitors it was exhausting! WE are really blessed, and it was humbling to have so much support! We are also excited for Owen to have a little community of his own.

Have a great week. We love you all! xxxooo, The Wades

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cat nap

I would like to dedicate this post to 'the cat nap'. We saw the pediatric nurse practitioner yesterday for the little man's 2 month well check, and I described his/my sleep struggles to her. She said, "Oh bless your heart. You have one of those cat nappers. It sounds like you are doing everything right.. just Hang in there". So, that is what we will do! I've been reading different baby sleep theories and techniques, trying some here and there...but I don't know that any one technique will be the ticket for this little man. I also think a lot of those theories are just opinions, and the people writing them get very 'attached' to their opinion. It makes me a little skeptical that their opinion is the end all be all. Welcome to the parenting, right? Every stage will have some trial and error. You'll believe some books, and you'll think others are a crock!

Here is a picture of our cat nap time. This is 15 minutes in to his nap. They usually last ~30-35 minutes, so I am typing fast! I thought this picture summed up a lot. He loves the swaddle (and the PNP recommended we continue to swaddle). His head is flat on the right side because he really prefers looking that way, so we are trying to encourage him to look to the left (hence the mirror). I also 'prop' him just slightly for his naps to get him off of that right side. Don't worry, I keep a good eye on him, and at night he is flat on his back. In the top left you'll see our white noise maker. In the bottom left is his stuffed Boeing airplane =) You can also see in the mirror that he has spit his pacifier out.  

Nothing describes many hours of my day better than this picture. 

In his check up yesterday, he weighs 10lb 14oz (25-50%), 24 inches long (90%), and his head is 15cm (10-25%). His head has fallen off the curve a little (maybe because it's so flat?.. I don't know!) This could also be genetics too...

OK.. if he continues to sleep, I really should do some homework. This quarter ends 3-16, and then I just have one left! Praise Jesus

Love, mom