Sunday, March 6, 2011

handful of luvin

Owen has many girlfriends! Our lives are full of babies here in Seattle, and we love introducing Owen to all of his new girlfriends. Mike says not to get any ideas, he needs to teach Owen 'how to treat a lady' before I start setting him up. I suppose that's fair.

Owen and Amity (DOB 2-7-11). They are exactly 6 weeks apart, and what a dynamic 6 weeks that is! The size and attitude of the babies cracks me up! He is trying to hold her hand all by himself. I didn't encourage it at all.

We did everything we could to get her to look up, but to no avail. These two will be the best of friends, I am sure!

A real life Owcy! Owen, meet Lucy (DOB 1-6-11)! These two are 10 days apart! They look the same size and have matching fencer reflexes which I LOVE!

Lucy's mom (Wendy) and I tried to take them to a coffee shop, but they were both SO loud that we ended up walking them home in the rain. The outing was sort of a bust, but we felt like we were in good company!

This picture also captures Owen's favorite pasttime from the last week... his right hand. He is going to town sucking on that thing!

Last night we went to see the Forston girls. Here are Allison (L) and Chloe (R), born on 11-13-09. They weren't too interested in the baby, but they sure are adorable in their matching outfits!

This is their older sister Kylie (DOB 5-9-08) was so excited to meet baby Owen and hold him.

Here are even more little girls (!) excited to hold baby Owen. Chloe (DOB 6-4-07) dressed up in her princess tutu to hold the baby as her younger sister Olivia (DOB 11-19-09) looks on.

We are just having a blast entering in to this new season of life with our community here in Seattle. After we had the baby, Mike and I realized just how many friends we have here... we had so many visitors it was exhausting! WE are really blessed, and it was humbling to have so much support! We are also excited for Owen to have a little community of his own.

Have a great week. We love you all! xxxooo, The Wades

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  1. Can he BE any cuter??!! I love how wide-eyed he is, just too cute...and smart!