Thursday, April 6, 2017

Owen: 6 Years

Well now that Owen is 6.25, I thought it was time to document how this kind, fair, & hard working kid rocks my world. The intricate details of Owen are changing as he grows and matures through his kindergarten year, and I'm loving watching him unfold. His report cards show him to be working hard, meeting academic expectations, honing some leadership skills, and befriending most everyone. His favorite friend, however, is Matthew. When their teacher needs to know how a situation really went down, she turns to Owen & Matthew. This makes my heart swell! (Maybe Matthew can help me intervene btwn Millie & Owen?!?!?).

Owen is getting more serious. He still likes to giggle, of course,
but he is sensitive & internalizes most things..... that apple didn't fall far!
 He also loves to follow rules, and it turns out that is a nice quality to have in a kid ;)  

His favorites are still his favorites. Ralphie is the stand by lovey.
Hot wheels cars are the go to toy. He loves to run & race.

His head isn't often in the clouds, unless there's an airplane or he's watching TV. 
(ps... he doesn't like movies. Any story line where there is an antagonist is too much drama!)

On the way to cousin Kelley's wedding where he was the featured ring bearer. 
Who does he look like these days? 

Fairy tale day @ school. He dressed as a wolf. I hope he didn't blow any one's house down!

I'm still trying to create Tiger fans out of these kids.. 

 Serious and still. Very meticulous about the way he is holding this chick!
This photo really captures his personality!

He wrote this card to my mom who is in the middle of tax season. 
It was so sweet.. I might have cried a little bit. 

These two get along pretty well, but Amelia can get really jealous of Owen. She wants to make sure everything is 100% fair. Naturally, that starts a few fights. 

Owen is playing baseball this spring. He hasn't played any other sport this kindergarten year, because frankly, he's been SO tired! 5 days a week of school & 3 days a week of before & after care (adeventure club) can really wear a kiddo out!

He loves math & is reading anything he can. Advertisements, road signs, encyclopedias, etc :) When he grows up he wants to be a scientist & we frequently have science experiements going on at our house. 

He's a work hard, play hard kind of boy. I've loved watching him this year. Thanks for sharing in our joy and loving him along side us!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Macy: 20 & 21 months. Tiny Dancer!

Our little Macy girl is 21 months. Our girlfriend loves to dance! She dances to grocery store music (like her mama), Millie's ballet songs, carousel music, the radio (we have the Trolls soundtrack on repeat), etc. It's a sweet little bounce on repeat!

She's mostly down to one nap a day; occasionally she'll catch up with two. Sleep transitions are one of my least favorite parts of parenting, so I'm happy to have her almost through this one! I still have her sleep in a sack that zips over her, so she hasn't attempted to climb out of the crib. Owen was 22 months (I had just delivered Millie) when he climbed out... I'm not ready for her to do it yet!

Aside from her 2 year molars, she's complete with a full set of teeth. 

She's my best eater & she loves MEAT! 

 Sweet baby blues!

 We've been working on getting used to the water again. We're taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in March, so I'm 'training' Macy ;) It took 45 minutes to get her to stop crying the first week. And the second week this was her expression! She walked right in. 
ps.. the kids don't know yet about this surprise. 


 She calls shampoo, 'Poo'. 
At first we thought she was trying to warn us that something was coming.... 
'More poo! More poo!'

 She loves to color on paper (and anything else in the path of the crayon or marker!)

 'I wanna dance!'

 She has started to throw some tantrums. I believe these tears were caused by me reading the wrong page of a book. This quick temperament change can be quite difficult out in public ;) 


 Angel babe!

 These girls love their babies! Here they are showering baby Gwen with kisses!

 The library is one of her favorite spots, too. 

 She refuses to sit in the buckled part of the grocery cart, but we have come to compromise with her sitting here. 

 She wants to help mix like a big kid. 

 Stir, stir. 

She has definite opinions about her coat and shoes. Basically she won't wear the adorable poncho or boots I bought specifically for her. She prefers Millie's hand me downs ;) 

She's starting to sing Twinkle, Twinkle & ABCs (I love this). 
She knows some colors (pink & lellow). She has a million words. I'm not even exaggerating. She says 2-4 word sentences and her recent favorite word is 'MINE' ;)

And we love her spunk & smile!