Thursday, December 27, 2012

To My Dearest Owen on your 2nd Birthday...

To my Dearest Owen, how are you already two years old? Last year I prayed a prayer of thanks to God. Naturally, His trusting your dad and I to raise you is one of our greatest blessings. I prayed a prayer of thanks that parenting you has allowed me to better understand how He loves us with grace and patience. Oh how I even better understand that now that we're entering your 'terribles'.
 You are uniquely you. God's perfect and precious gift, created in His image. You are my unique little boy who loves to stack, play cars, race cars, wash cars, cuddle, and jump. You are my little boy who loves to dump everything  and comment every time we drive uphill or downhill. You're learning to tease, use adjectives, dress yourself, sing songs, and have opinions. Your sentence structure usually follows this pattern:'Owen drink milk, OK?' You have an extra baby tooth, a twinkle in your eye, a gentle (but often stubborn) spirit, a strong desire to learn, and also a strong desire to be involved in absolutely everything around you (even if you have to forgo sleep). You light up our lives, Dear O-bug.
This year, I continue to pray for you in the same way that the animals pray for 'Little Kicker' in our new favorite book.
"Dear Father in Heaven, may your Holy Spirit guide this special, unique Owen."
"Please Lord, help Owen to do something special for you someday."
"May Owen tell others about You, Lord, so they can know how wonderful You are."
"Dear God, please let Owen love Your Word."
"Dear Lord, please help Owen remember to talk to you everyday in prayer."
"Please help Owen learn to do good things so that he may help others."
"May Owen always love You and want to learn more about You, Lord." 
 1 Year
2 Years
Thank you, Jesus, for the amazing blessing of Owen Michael Wade.



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