Monday, December 3, 2012

Gobble, Gobble: A tale of multiple feasts

One of the many, many, many blessings of our move back to St. Louis this summer is that we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of our family for the first time in several years. This seemed extra special this year as we have two little joy bundles, but we also have some family members struggling with health issues. To be able to celebrate with multiple generations, I think, lifted all of our spirits, and made us thankful for the time together.
Owen and Amelia dressed for the occasion in their fancy stretch pants.

A sweet baby girl and her adoring daddy.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at the Coopers house. With Ryan working in the restaurant business and Steven working retail, the only day we all had off together was the actual holiday. MiMa Cooper, of course, couldn't have been happier to have every one under one roof.

While Ryan and MiMa cooked turkey dinner, Uncle Steven and Owen played with cars....for.....hours.
Until they took a break to play superman.

I hung out in the kitchen with my favorite chef.

We were joined by Aunt Sharon (L), Uncle Jay (not pictured, but he is my mom's brother), and Great Grandma Betty.

Uncle Ryan did take a break to get in some cute baby time. She flirted and made all kinds of sweet faces!
This was the theme of our entire meal....

What a gorgeous bird. He stuffed it with apples, lemons, shallots, fresh rosemary, and thyme.

...and then carved it by hand. It was, honestly, the best bird I've ever had. Owen (my vegetarian), even said the words 'more turkey'.

Ryan also turned Mike and I into stuffing lovers. Neither of us typically like stuffing....but Ryan's home made cornbread stuffing with duck con fit sure won us over.
We were so full we didn't need to eat for days.  
But we did anyway! Friday we ventured over to the Wades for another great day of quality time and food.
Ava and MiMa Wade, just chillin.

Owen and Papa. We're trying to encourage rolling the ball in the house instead of throwing. Owen has an arm on him!

Lindsey and Livi were working hard on the green beans.

And we were playing games with Carson.

Somehow we managed to get all 11 (with the exception of Amelia) of us to look at the camera at the same time. We have to give her some credit though, she can't really look at anything with her eyes so crossed =)

LOVE Livi's front teeth (or lack there of).

Oskee waited patiently for table scraps all day long.
Ava enjoyed her first Thanksgiving as a solid-food eater...

and, Carson over did it =)

But he still had enough energy to play with his dad later!
We really are so blessed by good health, healthy relationships,
and the ability to afford and serve nice meals. 
Until the Christmas Tree Farm post... I bid you adieu

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  1. The turkey that Ryan made looks AMAZING! I very much like the theme of your Thanksgiving too! Our blessings are abundant. Love you, friend! A play date is necessary ASAP! :)