Saturday, December 8, 2012

2 months: Sweetsie Smiles

Our sweet baby girl is 2 months already, and her stats are in!
Weight: 10lb 4oz (25-50%)
Length: 23 inches (75%)
Head Circ: 14 5/8 inches (25% and dropping!) We are a family of peanut heads.
I told the doc not to worr.
She also had her first round of vaccines. It's so hard to watch her cry like that, but you know my position on vaccines. It's something that has to be done, and she'll be better off for it. I will say that she had the typical sleep-all-day-after-vaccines response, so hopefully she's feeling better this morning.
I managed to catch this yesterday before her shots.
Doesn't she look JUST like her daddy?
She loves to smile when you are close to her face talking pretty, and she's most likely to flash that toothless grin when she's on her back.
Wrapped up like a little Russian Doll...

Both of my kids are obsessed with their Papa Cooper. She flirts with him more than anyone else.. until she met Dr. Cole yesterday. She was a big fan of him, too, till he started poking and prodding!

Early this month, Millie got to share her first meal with George. George was born on 11-2-12 to proud parents Claire & Adam Willard. I'm not thinking too far ahead or anything..but I would love to marry these two. Hey, it could happen! Just send them off to the left coast!

He is one week in this pic, and she is 5 weeks. They actually weighed about the same in this pic. George's weight is all in that noggin. He'll be a smart kiddo.

Nothin sweeter than cuddles with Papa Wade. They color coordinated well, I might add.

 "Oh, Daddy, this is my favorite way to play!"
....and this is my favorite way to sleep!

This is her first night in her big girl crib. We booted her out of our room at 6 weeks because she's such a noisy grunter/sleeper. I can actually still hear her down the hall, but I'm able to get back to sleep somewhat faster with her in another room!
Santa Baby

Her newborn acne face =( It's gone now, though, and she's so pretty!

This was all Britt's idea... and I didn't stop her!
Amelia's growth and development are progressing along well!
  • She's holding her head up better every day.. no thanks to my negligence with her tummy time.
  • She coos, ooos, and goos, and when she's real excited that tongue gets going!
  • Just this week she discovered her right hand, and it only seems to be there when she's getting her diaper changed. Otherwise, she forgets about it.
  • She loves to suck.. on pacifiers, on her knuckles, etc.
  • She's starting to follow us around the room with her eyes, and she can track toys, too. Way to go, Millie!
  • She's still eating about every 2-2.5 hours during the day (though more the last few days). She didn't growth spurt at 6 weeks, so maybe it's coming now?
  • During the night she typically goes for a 5 hour stretch, and then we are back to every 2 hours... Unfortunately, she and Owen haven't necessarily coordinated schedules. So if she eats at 3 & 5, and he gets up at 5:30, it makes for a looooong morning for me =) I am requiring an afternoon cup of joe for the first time in my life.

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  1. She's just gorgeous!! I love that she's making all those sounds, they are precious!