Tuesday, September 28, 2010

finishing up trimester 2

The close to trimester two has been fabulous. I spent two weeks in St. Louis working with the world's best doc, relaxing with my family, catching some girl time with my favorites, being spoiled at a shower, and eating all of STL's treasures (including home cooking from Chef Ryan Cooper- to be highlighted in a later post).

Baby Wade is growing like a weed, as they say. Many of the clothes that I brought to St. Louis no longer fit in my second week there. This forced a shopping spree with Grandma and Papa Cooper. We really did have too much fun. I adore my parents, and I can not wait to live closer to them!

Week 26. As long as an English Hot House Cucumber. This little blog project isn't just fun, it's educational. Did anyone else know about this special cucumber?

Week 27. Baby is the size of a cauliflower. I told you it was growing like a weed! Just kidding, this is a picture from the dressing room at the maternity store. I put on the belly that adds 3 months. I can't imagine being this big at the end of December, but at least this shirt will fit.

Ok, here is 27 weeks. Baby is 2lbs, 15ish inches. And it is twisting and turning in my belly daily! It can't pick a side- it's back has alternated right to left for the last 3 days. What a fun sensation.

It is great to be back at home with Mike for a few days. I sure did miss him, and he made coming home so appealing. The house was spotless, he had dinner in the oven, and he even went out to find alcohol free red wine. This man definitely knows the way to my heart! I am so blessed.  He leaves town again Thursday to head to Southern California for an unknown length of time (insert very sad face here).

We started our birthing classes last night, and for some reason the reality hit me that I actually have to birth this child. Previous to yesterday, I hadn't thought twice about this event. A couple of birthing videos later, the reality has hit me in the face. I think I will leave this post with the thought of birthing videos =)

LOVE, Heather, Mike, and the little Tyke 

Friday, September 10, 2010


This week has been busy, exhausting, and (not-surprising) emotional. It has all ended, however, in some added letters to my name. Heather Wade ARNP, FNP, DNPc. What a mouthful! It stands for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice candidate. It's been a ton of hard work, and I don't know if I have the stamina to finish out the doctorate. I keep telling myself it's only 3 quarters, and I have the most supportive husband in the world so I am going to try to stick it out.

The funny thing is, the letters I am most looking forward to are Heather Wade, MOM =) These letters have also been hard work this week. Mike is calling me waterworks McGee.. it's a new term of endearment!

The 'root' of 25 weeks is a rutabaga. The average rutabaga weighs ~1.5 lbs (same as Baby Wade!), but the rutabagas at Whole Foods were tiny. Mike and I measured out four to total the weight. Thanks for working with us here. Length is already at 13 1/2 inches- amazing! Development is pretty similar to last week, but the hair is really coming in now (is this why I have heartburn? ). If we we could see the baby, we would know the color and texture!

I also wanted to post a picture of the nursery colors and patterns. My mom and I are going to make the bedding and curtains using a combo of these three designs. I found it online and fell in love! If it's a girl, I will accent with hot pink, and if it's a boy, I'll accent with navy blue. The nursery is coming along. The closet is completely cleaned out, and we have gotten rid of some extra furniture. Paint is the next step.. let's hope I don't cry at Home Depot.

I'll be in STL the next 2 weeks, so I don't know that I'll do much blog updating. Hopefully I will see many of you!

We love you! Mike, Heather, Oskee, Owen/Lucy

Monday, September 6, 2010

Here Today. Gone To Maui

Get it? Mike came up with this one (see my last post about the corny jokes!)

We had an absolutely fabulous time doing NOTHING (this is hard for us to do. Well, me more than Mike). We spent money only on a rental car and food. I should have spent some on aloe, but it just felt so nice to be sun kissed =). I brought one dress for our special date night out, and my tan lines were horrible.. but that was my only option. I am sure the locals are used to the white and bright red skin combos. So essentially, we spent 4 days going in between the beach and the pool, naming the baby, swimming, and reading. I swear that swimming in the ocean did more for my back than the heating pad and the chiropractor combined. The Wades also have these fabulous recliners in the condo, and I don't think I have sat in something so comfortable since I got pregnant 24 weeks ago. I really think I should spend the rest of this pregnancy in Maui.. don't you think? (especially since I have a maternity suit.. which I didn't fill out.. you'll see the pic). It seemed to me that the tropical flowers were also really in bloom this time of year. The plumeria, birds of paradise, and fruit trees were abundant! You'll notice lots of pictures. We did go hiking one morning in the IAO valley which was beautiful! We, of course, ate our weight in mangoes, papayas, and pineapples. Maui, as always, is a slice of heaven, and it did not disappoint. I'll be happy to go back any time Hawaiian airlines runs these specials again....


Saturday, September 4, 2010

destined to be corny

As this baby will is made 1/2 of Cooper blood, its sense of humor is destined to be corny. We love our corny jokes for sure. And, the longer I am married to Mike, the more he is like my dad- how does that happen? Sometimes his jokes are just as bad as my dad and brothers' =). This baby has no chance. Juneau I love you baby Wade? 
I had to switch up the picture a bit this week. I bought the corn, and I was prepared for the 24 week picture, but Mike left town asap when we got back from Maui, and that morning I wasn't in shape for pictures by the time he left. SO, you get a picture of corn (in case you needed a refresher of what it looks like), and the belly pics we took at the condo in Maui right before we left on Tuesday!

I think I 'bloomed' in Maui. Maybe the uterus leans toward the sun just like plants do? It was just waiting to get out of the terrible Seattle summer to pop out perhaps? I received my first 'congratulations on your pregnancy' from 2 strangers, and that sure put me on cloud nine. I think I've also officially reached my goal of the belly sticking out more than the rear end.

So on to baby stats: Owen/Lucy is the length of an ear of corn (~12inches) and has gained 4oz since last week! This puts the baby weighing in at just over a pound. The big news of the week are those lungs. We have major development going on there. This makes mama nurse thrilled as lungs are definitely compatible with life. We've reached the point that if the baby was to be born today (heaven forbid), it could (with EXTREME medical intervention and the grace of God) be a viable baby. Stay tucked in there baby, don't go getting any ideas about that yet. The last two nights as I have been studying for my nurse practitioner boards (blarg...), I can see my belly bouncing from the outside as the baby kicks! I can't wait for Mike to get home to see this!

Emotional update: I went and did it again... this time I went to Target to buy an anniversary card for Mike. This is WAY worse than birthday. How do you find a card that expresses your deep respect and love for the man of your dreams? How do you thank someone for devoting their all to your marriage? How do you explain that you are so proud of the man your husband grows in to day by day? I didn't think it could be possible to love someone more today than I did on our wedding day two years ago. But that is the beautiful thing about love I suppose! Thank you God for this gift. Happy Anniversary on Monday my love. So glad we had Maui to celebrate since we can't be together!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Mike and I just returned from Maui last night. We celebrated his big 3-0,  and our 2nd anniversary, and enjoyed a short baby-moon. Pictures of the trip to come later! While on the beach in Maui, we decided on names for Baby Wade! I think we'll have to make a habit of going to Maui each time we need to name a baby. It's just a delight. We each individually prepared a list of our top 10 boy and girl names, and we began the comparison on the beach. I was SO excited for this part of the trip I could hardly contain myself. So, without further ado.... Baby Wade....

Owen Michael Wade
     Meaning: Well Born (of course!)
     Origin: Welsh

Lucy Adeline Wade
    Meaning: Light
    Origin: Latin or English

We can't wait to meet little Owen or Lucy!

Here's a quick pic from week 23. Baby weighed the size of a large mango. (Where better to find a large mango than Maui? ) Sorry I am late, but I just had to take this week's pic against the crashing waves.

We love you all! Mike, Heather, and Owen/Lucy