Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Mike and I just returned from Maui last night. We celebrated his big 3-0,  and our 2nd anniversary, and enjoyed a short baby-moon. Pictures of the trip to come later! While on the beach in Maui, we decided on names for Baby Wade! I think we'll have to make a habit of going to Maui each time we need to name a baby. It's just a delight. We each individually prepared a list of our top 10 boy and girl names, and we began the comparison on the beach. I was SO excited for this part of the trip I could hardly contain myself. So, without further ado.... Baby Wade....

Owen Michael Wade
     Meaning: Well Born (of course!)
     Origin: Welsh

Lucy Adeline Wade
    Meaning: Light
    Origin: Latin or English

We can't wait to meet little Owen or Lucy!

Here's a quick pic from week 23. Baby weighed the size of a large mango. (Where better to find a large mango than Maui? ) Sorry I am late, but I just had to take this week's pic against the crashing waves.

We love you all! Mike, Heather, and Owen/Lucy


  1. LOVE the names and you, your little bump is too cute!!

  2. you are b.e.a.u.tiful. i love this pic and the names.