Monday, September 6, 2010

Here Today. Gone To Maui

Get it? Mike came up with this one (see my last post about the corny jokes!)

We had an absolutely fabulous time doing NOTHING (this is hard for us to do. Well, me more than Mike). We spent money only on a rental car and food. I should have spent some on aloe, but it just felt so nice to be sun kissed =). I brought one dress for our special date night out, and my tan lines were horrible.. but that was my only option. I am sure the locals are used to the white and bright red skin combos. So essentially, we spent 4 days going in between the beach and the pool, naming the baby, swimming, and reading. I swear that swimming in the ocean did more for my back than the heating pad and the chiropractor combined. The Wades also have these fabulous recliners in the condo, and I don't think I have sat in something so comfortable since I got pregnant 24 weeks ago. I really think I should spend the rest of this pregnancy in Maui.. don't you think? (especially since I have a maternity suit.. which I didn't fill out.. you'll see the pic). It seemed to me that the tropical flowers were also really in bloom this time of year. The plumeria, birds of paradise, and fruit trees were abundant! You'll notice lots of pictures. We did go hiking one morning in the IAO valley which was beautiful! We, of course, ate our weight in mangoes, papayas, and pineapples. Maui, as always, is a slice of heaven, and it did not disappoint. I'll be happy to go back any time Hawaiian airlines runs these specials again....


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  1. A whole Chipotle bowl and you don't even mention your recent trip to Hawaii. HCW... you're such a stinker!