Friday, October 22, 2010

biggest loser

Well, Oskee and I've been having a weight competition, however, we are going in different directions. She most certainly wins the 'biggest loser' award. We've had to tighten her collar twice, so hopefully that's a good sign. We are worried that we're not feeding her enough though, because lately she's been really digging around the house eating things... like pens, washcloths, tags on the couch, almond flax bars (she was very regular the next day), rocks, etc. She's either hungry or bored! So what do you think, does she look smaller?

                                         Oskee BEFORE (August 2010)

                                        Oskee AFTER (October 2010)

We did buy her some new toys in case she's bored and not hungry. She's at least lost enough weight now to run after them when we throw them!

 Oskee in her new bed. Finally I found a bed I can wash! Her old bed was disgusting and smelly (though she probably loved those qualities about it!)

Baby Wade's growth continues. This week we are at 16 inches long and 3.3 pounds (apparently the weight of 4 naval oranges). Babycenter says we are headed into a growth spurt as well. I may be huge by next week. It hasn't yet found it's sweet spot in my uterus, I think it switches sides daily. I LOVE feeling it move, and it seems to be more reactive lately to touch, Mike's voice, etc. SO sweet.

Here are my before and after shots... 

Mom BEFORE (June 2010)

Mom AFTER (Oct 2010)
Is this carrying the baby high or low? I have no idea.

    31 weeks. This week has brought with it a host of new 'experiences'. I am so short of breath that I have to breathe deeply just listening to lectures. It is better when I stand for sure, as I have no problem exercising. Weird, huh? Also, those nice Braxton-Hicks contractions have set in. Mike and I can totally feel the difference between the contractions and my otherwise 'soft' belly.  My meals also need to be adjusted. Mike and I went to Panera on Wed, and I couldn't make it through a 'you-pick-2' soup and salad in one sitting. There must be something pressing on my stomach.

We had another good visit with the OB this week, and we just praise God for this healthy baby!

Here's Babycenter's take on what the baby looks like.  

 Here's Dad showing off his tricks with the oranges. He had to dislodge the cartilage from his sternum in order to keep the juggling going. Haha.. This is a Dan Bennett joke. He was this hilarious comedian that we saw in Alaska. You can preview him here:

Here he proves Newton's 3rd law of legislative physics: For every affirmative action there is an equal and opposite reactionary.

OH.. and the blogging poll is closed. Looks like the majority of you think Baby Wade is a boy!!

WE love you all so much of course! Mike, Heather, Owcy, and Oskee

Sunday, October 17, 2010

cabbage patch kid

We are officially in the 30s. 30 weeks. Where has the time gone? Baby is growing, and these pictures look much bigger than I feel. I suppose that's a good thing!

So at 30 weeks, baby Wade is about 15.7 inches long (how do they know that), and weighs almost 3 pounds. The vegetable of the week is supposed to be Chinese cabbage. You vegetable connoisseurs will know that I am actually holding bok choy. It's close, right? This week, it's just putting on fat and working on it's eyesight. I hope it has Mike's eyesight.. 

I also wanted to post some pictures of my fabulous shower in STL! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my gracious and creative hostesses, Judy Davies, Debbie Wright, and Renee Schuster. Most of you that follow this blog know them, but in case you don't they are gracious, beautiful mothers (and grandmothers) who really worked hard to honor Baby Wade, and we feel truly blessed by them.

 The multitudes of cakes. Judy baked and created each of these masterpieces. She's our very own Martha Stewart.

 This is a close up of the 'flower' pots.. they are actually little cupcakes! How did she get the icing to do that? I can't believe her creativity.

 (L-R) Aunt Bev (Mike's aunt), Gaga Wade (Mike's mom, Becky), and Mary Ann Nieders (Carson and Olivia's other Gaga)
 There are So many pictures of gifts galore, and my camera ran out of battery before we got to most of them. This picture highlights my little helper, Abby Roam (Debbie's granddaughter). She's adorable, and I haven't seen her since she was two months, so this was a special treat! Also, this blanket was hand made by my mom's friend Michelle. It's SO beautiful.. it brings me to tears =)

I LOVE this picture. May be 3 generations of girls.. may be a little boy? I don't know! There are 5 days left to cast your vote on this blog!
Aunt Claire drove in from Columbia. So good to see you my dearest friend. Thank you for coming.

So again, I leave the reflections of this blog feeling humbled and blessed by family, friends, and a healthy baby. Thanks for sharing in our journey. LOVE, the Wades

Saturday, October 9, 2010

butternut has a nice ring to it

29 weeks also seems like a big one for baby. It's growing rapidly now (wait, hasn't it been all along?). This week it weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. The muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and the head is getting bigger to accommodate his growing brain – which is busy developing billions of neurons. I wonder if my being in school during this pregnancy will have any impact on  the development of the brain. Mama's brain is working x-tra hard, so does that transfer to Baby?

The skeleton is also hardening, so I have been really focusing on the calcium. Does is matter that it's in the form of cookies and milk?

I had a good visit with my OB this week. I love seeing her. She's so encouraging, and I just love knowing that everything is going well. My uterus is measuring 29cm. It should match up with the week of gestation, so bingo! We are a go. I also got my flu shot (and rhogam) so maybe it was the combo, but I was asleep by 7:30 on Thursday night. So much for getting some extra homework in... oops! Give your self some extra time for rest when you get this year's flu shot.

Also, MIKE IS HOME! He got home last night, and I could not be more thrilled. It's good timing too because our birthing classes are on Monday nights, and I might have had an emotional breakdown at birthing class last week. What's a preggo girl to do without her husband? It did make me eternally grateful, however, that I will have Mike by my side for the real event. I couldn't imagine it without him. I am tearing up writing this, so it's time to let you go.

Until next week when we transition to that big 3-0. We love and miss you! Heather, Mike, Baby/Owcy/little Tyke/ little nugget/blessing of our lives etc etc

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

uncle ry guy

This is a special post dedicated to Ryan who fed his to-be niece-or nephew VERY well while in STL, as any good to-be uncle would do.
I also wanted to post some pictures of his delicacies to make you drool. I am consistently amazed by his knowledge regarding the art and science of cooking, and it is SO awesome to watch his passion blossom.

The beginnings of what would be the World's best Paella. And when I say beginnings of.. I think this might have been at hour 3 of braising. YUM!

Finished product. This paella had chicken, chorizo, prawns, and mussels. I don't use acronym very often (ok, ever), but OMG. Lucy/Owen was HAPPY. So was mama bear.

Who has two thumbs and is ready for paella? This guy!
    Yummy salad with home made Balsamic dressing, toasted pine nuts, peppers.... drooling yet?
Always a pretty table with Ryan Cooper around..

Finishing touches. A perfect apple pie. I have never made a pie that didn't run when I cut in to it. This pie was flawless (AND delicious). He also made the dough out of organic whole wheat baking flour, 6 million sticks of butter, and a splash of love. Though impressive, I don't know that I am quite up for attempting my own dough yet. He makes it look so easy, though!

Brotha and Sistah at Araka, Chef Cooper's new digs. He came out to say hello to us when we had dinner there. So sweet. So what do I do? Embarrass him by making him take a picture with me. He said some of the kitchen staff call him 'Verde Cabeza'. Green head. I think it's catchy.

Just a few quick photos of our food at Araka. I already had the camera out, so why not? This was my mom's Amish chicken, Brussels sprouts, etc. I think this was the best chicken I have ever tasted.

Succulent Duck paired with wheat berry and a beautiful salad. I had never tried wheat berries before, but I am totally buying some next time I'm at Whole Foods. It's like a sweet and bigger bulgar. Also, delicious.

I ordered the Lobster pasta with all kind of mushrooms. The restaurant makes its own pasta, so I had to try it. Besides.. I just can't resist a variety of mushrooms.

So, moral of the story is, you should go to Araka (it's in downtown Clayton), or figure out a way to invite yourself to my parents' house when Ryan is cooking. Also, apparently you shouldn't invite me, because I've just admitted to eating off of everyone else's plate. What's a preggo girl to do?

We love you Uncle Ryan! Love, Heather and a very happy babe.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

be boo britt

Baby Wade got a VERY special treat for growing all of the way into the third trimester. We had a wonderful visit from Aunt Britt from LA. She came up to Seattle and brought sunshine and warmth!! (relative warmth anyway). 
We took the 28 week cabbage picture at Pike Place Market downtown.. a true tourist destination.
Big news of the week developmentally is that Baby is growing eye lashes and opening an closing its baby blues to check out it's new surrounding.s. Again , this kind of grosses me out, and it is even more of an argument for the erythromycin ointment they put in babies eyes right after birth.
Britt is drinking coffee for two. Coffee still grosses me out for the most part (even with my favorite almond flavoring in it), but chai tea lattes are hitting the spot. We started out each day with a warm something.. I can't let her come to Seattle and not get plenty of coffee.

We were on the hunt for an apple orchard to pick apples. When in Washington, right? Turns out that quest was a bust, but we did find a pumpkin patch with plenty of preschool aged activities. We had no problem fitting right in...
Baby Wade is still destined to be corny...
Britt was feeling left out. She's got the cute bump without the weight gain in the rear and face. Perfection!

How do you like them apples? We found some eventually! This pic was taken at Chateau Ste. Michele winery in Woodinville, WA. Who says a pregnant girl and her best friend can't spend a sunny afternoon at a winery? Again, Britt graciously drank for two =)

Downtown Jet City. She really did bring the sun! Thanks for a wonderful visit Britt. So grateful for all of your preemptive breastfeeding tips. You know you have a good friend when she agrees to help you with breastfeeding via Skype. What a girl.

Now it's just me, Owcy (Britt's nickname for Baby), and Oskee. We are missing Mike who is soaking up the sun in So. Cal. He is traveling back to his old stomping grounds in China Lake, CA tomorrow on his crew rest day before another long week of test flying. Hurry home soon love, we miss you!

Love, Heather and Owcy