Wednesday, October 6, 2010

uncle ry guy

This is a special post dedicated to Ryan who fed his to-be niece-or nephew VERY well while in STL, as any good to-be uncle would do.
I also wanted to post some pictures of his delicacies to make you drool. I am consistently amazed by his knowledge regarding the art and science of cooking, and it is SO awesome to watch his passion blossom.

The beginnings of what would be the World's best Paella. And when I say beginnings of.. I think this might have been at hour 3 of braising. YUM!

Finished product. This paella had chicken, chorizo, prawns, and mussels. I don't use acronym very often (ok, ever), but OMG. Lucy/Owen was HAPPY. So was mama bear.

Who has two thumbs and is ready for paella? This guy!
    Yummy salad with home made Balsamic dressing, toasted pine nuts, peppers.... drooling yet?
Always a pretty table with Ryan Cooper around..

Finishing touches. A perfect apple pie. I have never made a pie that didn't run when I cut in to it. This pie was flawless (AND delicious). He also made the dough out of organic whole wheat baking flour, 6 million sticks of butter, and a splash of love. Though impressive, I don't know that I am quite up for attempting my own dough yet. He makes it look so easy, though!

Brotha and Sistah at Araka, Chef Cooper's new digs. He came out to say hello to us when we had dinner there. So sweet. So what do I do? Embarrass him by making him take a picture with me. He said some of the kitchen staff call him 'Verde Cabeza'. Green head. I think it's catchy.

Just a few quick photos of our food at Araka. I already had the camera out, so why not? This was my mom's Amish chicken, Brussels sprouts, etc. I think this was the best chicken I have ever tasted.

Succulent Duck paired with wheat berry and a beautiful salad. I had never tried wheat berries before, but I am totally buying some next time I'm at Whole Foods. It's like a sweet and bigger bulgar. Also, delicious.

I ordered the Lobster pasta with all kind of mushrooms. The restaurant makes its own pasta, so I had to try it. Besides.. I just can't resist a variety of mushrooms.

So, moral of the story is, you should go to Araka (it's in downtown Clayton), or figure out a way to invite yourself to my parents' house when Ryan is cooking. Also, apparently you shouldn't invite me, because I've just admitted to eating off of everyone else's plate. What's a preggo girl to do?

We love you Uncle Ryan! Love, Heather and a very happy babe.

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