Sunday, October 17, 2010

cabbage patch kid

We are officially in the 30s. 30 weeks. Where has the time gone? Baby is growing, and these pictures look much bigger than I feel. I suppose that's a good thing!

So at 30 weeks, baby Wade is about 15.7 inches long (how do they know that), and weighs almost 3 pounds. The vegetable of the week is supposed to be Chinese cabbage. You vegetable connoisseurs will know that I am actually holding bok choy. It's close, right? This week, it's just putting on fat and working on it's eyesight. I hope it has Mike's eyesight.. 

I also wanted to post some pictures of my fabulous shower in STL! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my gracious and creative hostesses, Judy Davies, Debbie Wright, and Renee Schuster. Most of you that follow this blog know them, but in case you don't they are gracious, beautiful mothers (and grandmothers) who really worked hard to honor Baby Wade, and we feel truly blessed by them.

 The multitudes of cakes. Judy baked and created each of these masterpieces. She's our very own Martha Stewart.

 This is a close up of the 'flower' pots.. they are actually little cupcakes! How did she get the icing to do that? I can't believe her creativity.

 (L-R) Aunt Bev (Mike's aunt), Gaga Wade (Mike's mom, Becky), and Mary Ann Nieders (Carson and Olivia's other Gaga)
 There are So many pictures of gifts galore, and my camera ran out of battery before we got to most of them. This picture highlights my little helper, Abby Roam (Debbie's granddaughter). She's adorable, and I haven't seen her since she was two months, so this was a special treat! Also, this blanket was hand made by my mom's friend Michelle. It's SO beautiful.. it brings me to tears =)

I LOVE this picture. May be 3 generations of girls.. may be a little boy? I don't know! There are 5 days left to cast your vote on this blog!
Aunt Claire drove in from Columbia. So good to see you my dearest friend. Thank you for coming.

So again, I leave the reflections of this blog feeling humbled and blessed by family, friends, and a healthy baby. Thanks for sharing in our journey. LOVE, the Wades

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