Friday, October 22, 2010

biggest loser

Well, Oskee and I've been having a weight competition, however, we are going in different directions. She most certainly wins the 'biggest loser' award. We've had to tighten her collar twice, so hopefully that's a good sign. We are worried that we're not feeding her enough though, because lately she's been really digging around the house eating things... like pens, washcloths, tags on the couch, almond flax bars (she was very regular the next day), rocks, etc. She's either hungry or bored! So what do you think, does she look smaller?

                                         Oskee BEFORE (August 2010)

                                        Oskee AFTER (October 2010)

We did buy her some new toys in case she's bored and not hungry. She's at least lost enough weight now to run after them when we throw them!

 Oskee in her new bed. Finally I found a bed I can wash! Her old bed was disgusting and smelly (though she probably loved those qualities about it!)

Baby Wade's growth continues. This week we are at 16 inches long and 3.3 pounds (apparently the weight of 4 naval oranges). Babycenter says we are headed into a growth spurt as well. I may be huge by next week. It hasn't yet found it's sweet spot in my uterus, I think it switches sides daily. I LOVE feeling it move, and it seems to be more reactive lately to touch, Mike's voice, etc. SO sweet.

Here are my before and after shots... 

Mom BEFORE (June 2010)

Mom AFTER (Oct 2010)
Is this carrying the baby high or low? I have no idea.

    31 weeks. This week has brought with it a host of new 'experiences'. I am so short of breath that I have to breathe deeply just listening to lectures. It is better when I stand for sure, as I have no problem exercising. Weird, huh? Also, those nice Braxton-Hicks contractions have set in. Mike and I can totally feel the difference between the contractions and my otherwise 'soft' belly.  My meals also need to be adjusted. Mike and I went to Panera on Wed, and I couldn't make it through a 'you-pick-2' soup and salad in one sitting. There must be something pressing on my stomach.

We had another good visit with the OB this week, and we just praise God for this healthy baby!

Here's Babycenter's take on what the baby looks like.  

 Here's Dad showing off his tricks with the oranges. He had to dislodge the cartilage from his sternum in order to keep the juggling going. Haha.. This is a Dan Bennett joke. He was this hilarious comedian that we saw in Alaska. You can preview him here:

Here he proves Newton's 3rd law of legislative physics: For every affirmative action there is an equal and opposite reactionary.

OH.. and the blogging poll is closed. Looks like the majority of you think Baby Wade is a boy!!

WE love you all so much of course! Mike, Heather, Owcy, and Oskee

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