Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been wanting to write this post for a long time. I know none of you have been missing it, but it's been in the back of my mind, that's all. I want to tell you about Mike's rowing. He's been on the Lake Sammamish Cru Team for over a year now (maybe even longer?), and he LOVES it! It's a commitment: M, W nights, and Sat mornings, but being on the water + learning a new sport + being a member of a team + getting a great work = time very well spent. A few weeks ago he had a regatta up at Greenlake (one of my favorite spots to walk/run.. more walking now than running). It's just north of downtown, and on a cloudy Saturday morning without traffic you can get there in 15-20 minutes. This Saturday morning in Seattle's August was very cool and cloudy indeed.


He is the second boat, just after the orange team. Lake Sammamish's colors are red and navy, and Mike is in the 3rd seat wearing his red and navy Cardinals hat. I'm so proud!
And they're off!!!
These are pictures of the first boat he raced in (My pictures from that race were very distant). This is an 8 seat sweep boat. With sweep rowing, each member has just one oar, and they alternate port and starboard sides. I think these are all of the correct terms. The boats look absolutely beautiful in the water! Mike's team did well, and he loved racing. The next race is 'Race for the Cure' on Sept 18. All proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research,
As I mentioned previously, it was quite cloudy and cool that morning, so I treated myself to a hot soy chai tea latte. I walked at least once around Greenlake (one go round is about 3 miles),  I cheered on my hubby, and I got to thinking about living in Seattle...

List of things that make me a Seattlite (I've taken the Seattle pill, in essence)
1. I agree with Seattlites that Starbucks is the worst coffee in the city (Starbucks was the only available warm drink on the above mentioned cool day)
2. I bring home groceries/purchases at Target in my reusable bags
3. I plan to use cloth diapers
4. We recycle as much as we can and my goal before the end of the summer is to figure out where to dump our compost. The city of Seattle mandates it, and you pay for it with your trash fee. We are in Bellevue, so I need to do some research.
5. My OB seems to have a lot more 'rules' than the OB of friends around the country who are also pregnant. Nonetheless, I will follow every rule to the T!
6. I want the BOB jogger stroller.. I feel like it's 'THE' stroller to have. I will not get the Bob, but I want it.
7. I love the ability to hike or walk on the beach with a 30 minute drive in either direction
8. I prefer to eat at neighborhood 'eateries' as opposed to chain restaurants like Applebees. Why waste the money on processed foods when you can have fresh, unique meals from restaurants with character?

List of things that do not make me a Seattlite
1. My wardrobe does not come from REI (Mike is a different story!)
2. We do not eat organic. Perhaps my baby will have ADD because I ate berries this summer that were likely treated with pesticides. I can't control everything.
3. I am having a baby before the age of 30 (people honestly think I am crazy- whatever)
4. I absolutely hate the weather, and I do not think the Seattle summer is the best thing since sliced bread. I wore a sweatshirt to walk the dog this morning. It's August 25th.. that's just unnecessary.
5. I am not comfortable with the mass amount of people that walk around the city in Spandex (many commute on bikes, and they change to professional clothes once they get to work). I just don't know what to do while they are still in the Spandex. Where does one look?
6. The majority of our friends here are midwest transplants.. there must be something about us!  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

126 days to go- Yikes!

So here we are at 22 weeks. I am rocking my very old gauchos in these pictures, but they work perfectly for a pregnant belly! The fruit of the week is a spaghetti squash, but I chose not to spend 6 bucks on one. It's been over 90 here the past 4 days (!!!!!), and without AC, you really don't want to be preparing meals that will further heat up the house. So, no spaghetti squash, just a measuring tape set to 11 inches. Baby is up to a full pound this week too! More good news on the development front- the baby is beginning to become less alien-like. He almost looks like a miniature newborn. However, his irises still lack pigment (you know how I am with eyes), so I am glad he'll be in there for 126 more days to work on that.

We took a frontal view as well this week because my belly is coming from ALL sides. It really does start at my back and work it's way forward. It's also filling in from the top down... almost completely smooth if it weren't for that belly button which is rising toward the surface daily. Some would say I am carrying this baby like a girl.. we'll just have to see!

I have a request- you can pray for my husband as I have been super emotional =) Seriously, I was picking out a birthday card for him today and I had to leave the card section because I started crying. I do love him tons, but normally it doesn't bring me to tears in the card section at Target. I've cried almost daily about something. NONE of it is a big deal or even slightly rational. He has been very patient and wonderful, but I'm sure he'd like some encouragement  =)

Until next week (Mike's big 30), we are signing off! Love, the cry baby, her wonderful husband, and a very active baby Wade

Friday, August 13, 2010

carrot top

I secretly hope the baby gets Papa Cooper's red hair. I've always had a special place in my heart for carrot tops if you will.
So the fruit/veggie for 21 weeks only symbolizes the length.. about 10.5 inches. Weight is up to 3/4 pound.
My weight is a different story. We had an OB appt Wednesday, and let's just say the last month has been a growing month for all of us. I really need to cut back on the ice cream. Heart beat was nice and steady at 150 (again), and the baby was rockin and rollin in there!

This week was quite productive for me. I passed my General Exam which allows me to be an official doctoral candidate. This will allow me to get the collection for my research project done before the baby comes! (I figure I can analyze that data while the baby is sleeping....) So far, the timing is working out well. I didn't plan ahead to find something nice to wear, so at the last minute I was scrambling. I ended up in a dress, and I created an 'empire' waist. I think it worked out well. Next time, I will plan ahead!

Grandma and Papa Cooper are both safe and sound in Spain, and it sounds like they are actually relaxing. I praise God that no serious health consequences seem to be emerging out of this situation.

We love and miss you all! Heather, Mike, and the little Tyke

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodspaceguy and Mike the Mover

These are two of our Washington State candidate options for the US Senate. This says a lot about the state of Washington.

Elected experience: "Ten times, voters rejected Goodspaceguy's economic program".
Platform: Dear fellow sheeple, you are the flim-flammed manipulated power base. Please think of your Earth as a beautiful spaceship, traveling around your Sun in your solar system. It is your destiny to start the orbital space colonization of your solar system. You have already spent the money! Consequently, you should already have more than 200 habitats orbiting your Earth, Moon, Sun, and Mars..... etc etc

Mike the Mover:
Elected experience: 1988- present he has run for 17 candidacies
Community service: Ran the 1st tent city in Seattle.
Platform: Seems to be about the economy, but he does off about people in Seattle getting hair transplants and fake boobs.

Is this what our country is coming to?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

oskee bow wow

This post is dedicated to the newest member of our family. Welcome OSKEE!! She is Mike's 30th birthday present, and I think so far she's a hit in the Wade family. 
Here are her stats:
Age: 2.5 years (born March 2008)
Breed: Beagle + Daschund
Weight: Should be about 25lbs (actually is about 10 pounds over that)
Color: A beautiful tan. She matches my interior perfectly.
Disposition: As sweet as can be. She doesn't even bark. How did I luck out with that one?
Tricks: Potty trained (YAY!), sits, waits, smells, loves, kisses

We adopted her from a friend of a friend from our old church here in Seattle. This family loves her dearly, but their 18 month old is allergic (asthma and the whole bit). So, they are looking for a new home for her... enter the Wades. We picked her up a week ago, and she's just been a dream. We've left her home by herself a fair bit (as little as possible), and she doesn't mess with anything or on anything. We were tentative to get a dog this close to having a new baby, but she's already been through the newborn process once, and her previous family says she did really well.

As we mentioned, she's a bit over weight, and the poor thing has sleep apnea (diagnosed by me). She needs a little doggy CPAP machine. We've been walking her for a hour every day to get her in to some routine. As I mentioned before, she came from the home of an 18month old who fed her Cheerios constantly. They were the best of friends.. I can't imagine why!

This is her favorite past time- licking Mike's feet. It tickles him so bad and it cracks me up. Welcome Oskee, to our family. We look forward to a long life with you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

this week has been bananas

Hooray.. We are 1/2 way and I am still wearing my clothes! I think I may be able to get away with not purchasing summer maternity clothes!

Babycenter reports that little Wade is a whopping 10 inches and 10 oz this week. I was too distracted on Monday at the ultrasound to ask about little Wade's actual dimensions, but since it's measuring a week ahead, maybe we have already broken the rule of 10's. The website does say that at 20 weeks, the sizing becomes more variable, and the genetics of the baby start to play more of a role.

Something else that fascinates me is that the baby is swallowing a lot more this week, and so meconium is beginning to develop. Meconium is that sticky, tar-like, first bowel movement. Gross stuff. BUT.. what is so weird is that it doesn't come out until after the birth. Talk about constipation. Baby will be working on this poop for 20+ weeks. That is insane to me. I can't imagine the bloating.......

Thanks for all of the prayers for Papa Cooper. He is doing better, and we are hopeful he'll be discharged from the hospital today or tomorrow. Grandma Cooper is flying to Spain on Sunday, and they are going to have a holiday in San Sebastian. I suppose there could be worse places to be stuck for a week. As the Counting Crows say.... 'take a holiday in Spain'....

Monday, August 2, 2010

be boo feet

We are just returning from the the 19.5 week ultrasound, and we are thrilled to report that Baby Wade is healthy! I was so overwhelmed in the ultrasound that I started crying, but I am just so grateful for a healthy little one. It's great to see a heart with 4 chambers, a forearm with 2 separate bones, 5 fingers on each hand, 2 kidneys, healthy ventricles in the brain, a full set of ribs, etc etc. I can't believe how much God can do in 19.5 weeks! The ultrasound tech was wonderful at pointing things out.. I want to buy her something. Here's to you, Linda!

This is my favorite picture of the little feet!!

Profile pic. I think it has my little nose.. doesn't it look just like a 'Who' from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

I can't believe how big the baby is! By looking at me, you can't even tell that I am 19.5 weeks pregnant, but the baby is actually measuring a week ahead (about 20.5 wks). I asked the radiologist where this baby was hiding, because most people can't even tell I am pregnant. Well, he didn't really have a sense of humor, so he answered that the baby is currently breech. Thanks Mr. Radiologist.. it was a joke. That's ok.. he doesn't need to have a sense of humor as long as he can read the ultrasound that says my baby is healthy.

..oohh and Mike and I were able to maintain our desire for a gender surprise, so we looked away during the femur measurements, etc. The gender will be revealed in December to all of us!