Wednesday, August 18, 2010

126 days to go- Yikes!

So here we are at 22 weeks. I am rocking my very old gauchos in these pictures, but they work perfectly for a pregnant belly! The fruit of the week is a spaghetti squash, but I chose not to spend 6 bucks on one. It's been over 90 here the past 4 days (!!!!!), and without AC, you really don't want to be preparing meals that will further heat up the house. So, no spaghetti squash, just a measuring tape set to 11 inches. Baby is up to a full pound this week too! More good news on the development front- the baby is beginning to become less alien-like. He almost looks like a miniature newborn. However, his irises still lack pigment (you know how I am with eyes), so I am glad he'll be in there for 126 more days to work on that.

We took a frontal view as well this week because my belly is coming from ALL sides. It really does start at my back and work it's way forward. It's also filling in from the top down... almost completely smooth if it weren't for that belly button which is rising toward the surface daily. Some would say I am carrying this baby like a girl.. we'll just have to see!

I have a request- you can pray for my husband as I have been super emotional =) Seriously, I was picking out a birthday card for him today and I had to leave the card section because I started crying. I do love him tons, but normally it doesn't bring me to tears in the card section at Target. I've cried almost daily about something. NONE of it is a big deal or even slightly rational. He has been very patient and wonderful, but I'm sure he'd like some encouragement  =)

Until next week (Mike's big 30), we are signing off! Love, the cry baby, her wonderful husband, and a very active baby Wade


  1. You look beautiful! Your baby bump has really taken off the past few weeks! On another note, as I am always a cry baby, I can empathize with your card section experience. I was really emotional during pregnancy, but even more so after I delivered the baby! It was downright ridiculous, even worse than the Marco Polo Sheep incident.

  2. You look beautiful, Mama! I'm crying as I'm writing this, so don't think it ends with, didn't Mike fall in love with the emotional girl you are?! With those tears, you also express extreme excitement, joy and happiness...all qualities that are fulfilling in their own right! EHHH!

  3. you look great friend! definitely the pregnancy glow! have you had anyone else tell you that lately? maybe it is a girl since you have her emotional self plus your girl hormones added together to make you super emotional! haha just kidding! as someone wrote above about being emotional after delivering i SURE was with abbie! for like 3 months i'd cry almost daily so hopefully you are getting the emotions out of the way on the front end! it's definitely easier to be emotional before they come than after but if you are after just give me a call or write me so i can encourage you that it will end with time! love you friend! jenn