Monday, August 2, 2010

be boo feet

We are just returning from the the 19.5 week ultrasound, and we are thrilled to report that Baby Wade is healthy! I was so overwhelmed in the ultrasound that I started crying, but I am just so grateful for a healthy little one. It's great to see a heart with 4 chambers, a forearm with 2 separate bones, 5 fingers on each hand, 2 kidneys, healthy ventricles in the brain, a full set of ribs, etc etc. I can't believe how much God can do in 19.5 weeks! The ultrasound tech was wonderful at pointing things out.. I want to buy her something. Here's to you, Linda!

This is my favorite picture of the little feet!!

Profile pic. I think it has my little nose.. doesn't it look just like a 'Who' from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

I can't believe how big the baby is! By looking at me, you can't even tell that I am 19.5 weeks pregnant, but the baby is actually measuring a week ahead (about 20.5 wks). I asked the radiologist where this baby was hiding, because most people can't even tell I am pregnant. Well, he didn't really have a sense of humor, so he answered that the baby is currently breech. Thanks Mr. Radiologist.. it was a joke. That's ok.. he doesn't need to have a sense of humor as long as he can read the ultrasound that says my baby is healthy.

..oohh and Mike and I were able to maintain our desire for a gender surprise, so we looked away during the femur measurements, etc. The gender will be revealed in December to all of us!


  1. I love it. Little baby Who Wade...I think this one is going to look like you, Heather!! ;) Congrats again on the beautiful baby. Better watch out though, Branden was breech AND weighed 9lbs!! Love you!

  2. Great Pictures. Glad to hear that he/she is doing well. What a BEAUTIFUL baby. We can't wait to meet him/her.