Thursday, August 5, 2010

this week has been bananas

Hooray.. We are 1/2 way and I am still wearing my clothes! I think I may be able to get away with not purchasing summer maternity clothes!

Babycenter reports that little Wade is a whopping 10 inches and 10 oz this week. I was too distracted on Monday at the ultrasound to ask about little Wade's actual dimensions, but since it's measuring a week ahead, maybe we have already broken the rule of 10's. The website does say that at 20 weeks, the sizing becomes more variable, and the genetics of the baby start to play more of a role.

Something else that fascinates me is that the baby is swallowing a lot more this week, and so meconium is beginning to develop. Meconium is that sticky, tar-like, first bowel movement. Gross stuff. BUT.. what is so weird is that it doesn't come out until after the birth. Talk about constipation. Baby will be working on this poop for 20+ weeks. That is insane to me. I can't imagine the bloating.......

Thanks for all of the prayers for Papa Cooper. He is doing better, and we are hopeful he'll be discharged from the hospital today or tomorrow. Grandma Cooper is flying to Spain on Sunday, and they are going to have a holiday in San Sebastian. I suppose there could be worse places to be stuck for a week. As the Counting Crows say.... 'take a holiday in Spain'....


  1. Glad to hear about Papa Cooper. We send our love and prayers his way. As for the poop, Siena was pooping the instant she came out and we lucked out in not having to deal with any meconium to clean up!! Yay for her! Maybe you'll have the same thing happen. Unfortunately, she has poop in almost all of her initial photos! Love you!!

  2. What a cute little bump! Congrats on the 1/2 way point!! Thanks for the lesson...poop fascinates me:)