Friday, August 13, 2010

carrot top

I secretly hope the baby gets Papa Cooper's red hair. I've always had a special place in my heart for carrot tops if you will.
So the fruit/veggie for 21 weeks only symbolizes the length.. about 10.5 inches. Weight is up to 3/4 pound.
My weight is a different story. We had an OB appt Wednesday, and let's just say the last month has been a growing month for all of us. I really need to cut back on the ice cream. Heart beat was nice and steady at 150 (again), and the baby was rockin and rollin in there!

This week was quite productive for me. I passed my General Exam which allows me to be an official doctoral candidate. This will allow me to get the collection for my research project done before the baby comes! (I figure I can analyze that data while the baby is sleeping....) So far, the timing is working out well. I didn't plan ahead to find something nice to wear, so at the last minute I was scrambling. I ended up in a dress, and I created an 'empire' waist. I think it worked out well. Next time, I will plan ahead!

Grandma and Papa Cooper are both safe and sound in Spain, and it sounds like they are actually relaxing. I praise God that no serious health consequences seem to be emerging out of this situation.

We love and miss you all! Heather, Mike, and the little Tyke

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  1. Congrats on passing your General exam!! That is exciting!! I don't think you need to lay off the ice cream! I gained 40 and 45 pounds with Kate and Emma. Enjoy!! Gain weight :O) Embrace it :O)