Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodspaceguy and Mike the Mover

These are two of our Washington State candidate options for the US Senate. This says a lot about the state of Washington.

Elected experience: "Ten times, voters rejected Goodspaceguy's economic program".
Platform: Dear fellow sheeple, you are the flim-flammed manipulated power base. Please think of your Earth as a beautiful spaceship, traveling around your Sun in your solar system. It is your destiny to start the orbital space colonization of your solar system. You have already spent the money! Consequently, you should already have more than 200 habitats orbiting your Earth, Moon, Sun, and Mars..... etc etc

Mike the Mover:
Elected experience: 1988- present he has run for 17 candidacies
Community service: Ran the 1st tent city in Seattle.
Platform: Seems to be about the economy, but he does off about people in Seattle getting hair transplants and fake boobs.

Is this what our country is coming to?

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