Friday, May 26, 2017

Macy: 2 years

The results are in.. Macy continues to add delight and joy to our party of 5! Amelia planned a rainbow & unicorn theme for Macy's second birthday party. The unicorns were harder to come by, but the rainbows were a hit! Macy loves colors, and she's pointed out each individual color on the decorations all week :) Rainbows (to me) are also a sign of God's promise. I see His promise live out in these kiddos. He has a plan for their lives. For good and not for harm. For restoration and reconciliation of our society. Tomorrow's hope is present in this beautiful smile. What a joy it is to raise Macy (and her older siblings!). 

 All of a sudden she's SO big! Historically (for a Wade) she has been shorter and stockier. 
Well those tides have changed. She's now tall & skinny! 
25lbs (28th%)
33.5inches (50%)

 She loved the ice cream and icing... didn't go for the cake part this year!

 Macy also loves babies (much like her big sis). 
She would have been right on top of Gwen if we would let her. 
We will let her get closer when Gwen gets bigger!

 Macy was not shy at all about having a party of people sing happy birthday. 
She enjoyed it, quite a bit, actually! After our meal time prayers, she has asked us to sing 
"Happy Bert-day" every night this week. 

Her favorite birthday gifts were her books. I hope this sticks with her!

 The week pre-birthday, she had an awful GI bug that left her lethargic and feverish for 4-5 days.
 It was the most sick I have ever seen her.. but she bounced back!

 Here she is feeling a little bit better on Mother's Day. She hadn't recovered quite enough to eat the cookie I treated her to, so I ate it instead. I wasn't super sad about that because Kaldi's has the BEST cookies. 

 These baby blues.. I grabbed this photo in between songs. She loves to serenade!

 This picture makes it seem that Macy enjoyed strawberry picking. And she did enjoy eating the strawberries, but most of the time she was so terrified of the big trucks and bus around the strawberry fields that she was in a panic crawling up our shoulders. She does have quite a bit of anxiety for a two year old.. I wonder if it's just because she doesn't yet know how to process through things that frighten her or if that's just her baseline. (Some of that would be genetic ;) ). She does have some OCD about wiping the right side of her nose, so we will see how these idiosyncrasies tease out! 

 Macy loves to pretend night time. 
She crawls on to our bed, requests a blankie on and then pats her bottom to sleep :) 

 She also PRETENDS to be asleep in her car seat. And she has quite the poker face. She can tease us for a LONG time without cracking even the slightest grin! It's amazing! 
She loves to giggle and make people laugh too. 

 Playing on the 'fwing' and the 'fwide' are also big hits :) is climbing. On everything! I found her on top of the table... 

 ....and on top of the chair.. 

I used to think she looked like 'Lady Owen', but as she gets older, her look is more and more her own!

 Macy and Honora. They are 3 months apart and two pig-tailed peas in a pod!

 Here they are enjoying the 'para-a-dote' at Macy's party. 

We love the dynamic that Macy adds to the party. She's has her (occasional) 2 year old melt downs, but mostly she's flexible and excitable! We are abundantly grateful to God for the gift of this little bundle of 2 year old joy! Thanks for loving her along side us!