Sunday, May 1, 2016

11 months- Quick to Giggle

Macy and I had a great time with her 11 month shoot! She's just full of personality, very quick to giggle these days :) I figured I should get this post up before I get caught up in her bday party planning!

SO big!

 Little lady loves to laugh. Especially at her big sibs. Here you can see one of her front teeth! The other has broken the skin and is working its way down. 
11 month tooth total: 4

Tickle me again, mama!

She's also very 'helpful' with the laundry these days. 

Daddy & Papa Cooper built a swing set. It's been a hit with all 3 kiddos!

Kisses from Daddy when he gets home from work!

There is nothing this babe won't eat! Feeding babies at this age is the best. She will eat broccoli, green beans, corn, peas, tilapia, ham, chicken, you name it!

Macy & Millie are two peas in a pod!

Watching cartoons with the big kids!

Obligatory first 'spaghetti' picture.

She is on.the.go. This picture was taken at Olivia's soccer game, and she just crawled and crawled. I'm actually ready for her to walk. She just wants to be down, so I'd rather just her feet be dirty and not her knees, hands, elbows, etc! She is standing on her own for short periods of time, so we may be close!
My favorite stage: destruction mode. Just kidding. Actually, I'm fine with her pulling everything off the bookshelves if it keeps her in one spot for a little bit. She's dangerous to herself these days!

Macy's now waiving Hi & Bye.. maybe saying bye bye. Maybe saying Mama & Dada specifically. If it's not specific, I think it will be soon!