Monday, July 25, 2016

Macy 14 months: Walking & Talking

Our little Macy has had a biiiiig month! As of yesterday, I think we can say she's officially walking. (Insert golf claps). She has taken the most steps in front of Mike (21!), and she practiced her steps for her teachers at school today too. I'll try to upload her walking video, but so far I haven't had luck transferring that file from my phone to the computer. #technologicallychallenged.

She loves to empty drawers, cabinets, baskets, anything. 
She's had a biiiig month, and she's a biiiig mess!

 Needs a bath after every meal!

 This is how the big kids keep her in one spot while they're playing a game or creating with legos. (She can be a bit destructive!)

 ....see what I mean!?

 Macy & her 2nd (or 3rd?) cousin, Caroline. We had a family reunion last week in Indiana, and these 2 tots shared some toys. I hope they enjoy playing together as they get older. 

 Cousins & horses. #lifeisgood!

 Her first stop as soon as we got back in the house from our road trip.
(She did MUCH better traveling this month, by the way. 
Sleeping was still hard, but she ate and enjoyed the car!)

 Big enough to hold and eat a banana while shopping at the grocery!

 I love the whale spout look!

 Macy has been taking swim lessons the last few weeks. It took her a few weeks to get used to the water, but now she's splashing & giggling. And she's so cute in her watermelon suit!

Macy loves books. I mean loves books. When I'm putting her to bed, she says, 'book', 'book' over and over.  She points to pictures, and turns pages. She actually sits and looks at books. I can put books in her crib and she'll look through them when she wakes. It's sweetsie!

Here are all of her words at 14 months:
Ba Ba (Baby)
Ba Ba (Bubble)
Nigh Nigh

She's still napping twice a day & taking 2 bottles a day. She is better at holding her sippy now, so my project over the next month is to taper those bottles. I tried tonight at bed time and she was super mad at me. So stay tuned, I may cave ;)

Love this Ba Ba!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wade, party of 5, attempts Louisville.

Here's an excerpt from a hilarious article that I should have read before our 'trip' to Louisville. 

"So, you’re headed out on a family vacation this summer. Great news! But are you sure? Are you sure it’s a vacation? You might want to think about that for a minute. Because a vacation is best described as time away from a job and/or the monotony and frustrations of day-to-day life with the goal of relaxing and having fun.Not to be a super downer, but chances are, if you have kids, and they are coming with you, you aren’t going on a vacation at all. You are going on what I like to call…a trip. You see, a trip is simply a journey to a place. While there is nothing wrong with a family trip, and, in fact, it can be a memorable time of family bonding, it should never, ever, be confused with a vacation. Such confusion can lead to unexpected feelings of regret and disappointment typically taken out on your spouse, who, incidentally, is feeling just as confused and swindled as you are." ;) 

.....I really felt like our expectations were appropriately low. We had ideas but no tickets purchased, no itinerary set in stone. We prepped food and activities for the car, the hotel, the mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and right-after-dinner complaints of 'I'm hungry'. We got a hotel with a suite so that we at least had a door that closed Macy and her sleep needs off from the big kids. We really tried.

....We left early. 

Macy was miserable. 

Owen said he wished we only had four people in our family. Although I disagree with that, I did wish that we hadn't chosen to bring our 1 year old on a vacation the same month we started her in day care and she started to get molars. But July& August travel options were already full... so we tried June ;) 

Every summer vacation wardrobe needs a fleece hat!

This was Macy's view of Louisville. She put her head down on the floor every where we went. 
(This is the hotel). 

We had some pouting.... but Amelia got over that pretty quickly. We were asking her to please eat when she was served food because we didn't want to have to pack a ton of snacks for every outing. Can you believe how mean we are?! Even more, can you believe how perfect this pout is?!

The first day we went to a Louisville Bats game. The stadium was within walking distance from our hotel. As you can imagine, the stadium was pretty empty for a mid-day Wednesday game, so we got great seats for cheap! Millie was still in her 'mood' for this pic, but Owen was enjoying himself. It was a beautiful park!

A different kind of vendor.... 
Those are cookies!

That afternoon, Mike went to the Louisville slugger museum during the kids' nap time. The bats are made of ash, birch, and maple wood, and they run about $200-$300 a pop! Modern day players use bats mostly made of maple because it's lighter. 

A waxy Derek Jeter. Very realistic!

That night we got to have ice cream with two little miracles. These twin 5 year olds, Clara & Wilson were born at 24 weeks to my good friends Chris and Morgan from Mizzou. It was a quick visit but the kiddos got along great! We also got to meet them in a neat & quirky neighborhood. I loved the architecture and big trees.

Night time routines on vacation are super fun. I love this pic bc it captures the kiddos and their personalities perfectly!

Full Day #2.... DERBY DAY!
Thursday morning we went to the Kentucky Derby museum. Nyquist is the horse that won the Derby this year. Fun derby fact: Only horses that are 3 years old can race in a Derby. So they have one shot to win it!

We got to watch some horses practicing! The derby track is made of sand, so they wear these white cloth protectors to prevent chaffing. (That was Owen's question for the tour guide!). 

My little horse lover watching intently!

Beautiful stallions. These jockeys train the horses. 
Typically the race jockey and the race horse don't meet until the day of the Derby. 

One or two (or three) mint juleps usually help when you're at this window!

Can you imagine the sound when they are all racing together on Derby Day? I'd love to go! 
I think I'd need to start saving for my hat now ;)

The inside of the museum had some great simulated races too. 

Macy's view... poor baby wouldn't eat. Wouldn't snack. 
Wasn't happy in the stroller, the carrier, in our arms.... she just wanted to lay on the floor :( restaurants didn't go well either.

Derby Beauty. This little gift shop hat was $100+. 

Ralphie was really well behaved :) 

 More ice cream!

 The hotel pool was a hit! I loved seeing Owen swim with some confidence! 

 We found a really cool splash pad, too!

 Macy WAS happy here. That's the girl I know!

 Super sweetsie... must have been all of that ice cream. 

 Silly selfie!

Friday morning we walked across this pedestrian only bridge called the Big 4 bridge. It links Louisville's waterfront park to Jefferson, Indiana. It crosses the Ohio river, and there is a speaker system on the bridge that plays classical music. Cool!

 My grown up little Owen. 

 View from our walking bridge!

Time to hit the road home. We omitted a little day trip to Lexington (to see another horse park), and we omitted the Corvette museum. It would have added 2 hours on to our ride home. 

 ....and we only got this view for 18 minutes of our drive as it was!

 On father's day we were home sweet home, and this little love was thrilled. 
Too much change in her routine for one month!

We loved what we did see of Louisville, and we'd really like to go back to see more! It's also supposed to be a foodie city.... so we need to go back and eat more, too!

A little family, trip.