Monday, July 25, 2016

Macy 14 months: Walking & Talking

Our little Macy has had a biiiiig month! As of yesterday, I think we can say she's officially walking. (Insert golf claps). She has taken the most steps in front of Mike (21!), and she practiced her steps for her teachers at school today too. I'll try to upload her walking video, but so far I haven't had luck transferring that file from my phone to the computer. #technologicallychallenged.

She loves to empty drawers, cabinets, baskets, anything. 
She's had a biiiig month, and she's a biiiig mess!

 Needs a bath after every meal!

 This is how the big kids keep her in one spot while they're playing a game or creating with legos. (She can be a bit destructive!)

 ....see what I mean!?

 Macy & her 2nd (or 3rd?) cousin, Caroline. We had a family reunion last week in Indiana, and these 2 tots shared some toys. I hope they enjoy playing together as they get older. 

 Cousins & horses. #lifeisgood!

 Her first stop as soon as we got back in the house from our road trip.
(She did MUCH better traveling this month, by the way. 
Sleeping was still hard, but she ate and enjoyed the car!)

 Big enough to hold and eat a banana while shopping at the grocery!

 I love the whale spout look!

 Macy has been taking swim lessons the last few weeks. It took her a few weeks to get used to the water, but now she's splashing & giggling. And she's so cute in her watermelon suit!

Macy loves books. I mean loves books. When I'm putting her to bed, she says, 'book', 'book' over and over.  She points to pictures, and turns pages. She actually sits and looks at books. I can put books in her crib and she'll look through them when she wakes. It's sweetsie!

Here are all of her words at 14 months:
Ba Ba (Baby)
Ba Ba (Bubble)
Nigh Nigh

She's still napping twice a day & taking 2 bottles a day. She is better at holding her sippy now, so my project over the next month is to taper those bottles. I tried tonight at bed time and she was super mad at me. So stay tuned, I may cave ;)

Love this Ba Ba!

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