Friday, December 23, 2016

19 months: 'Matey'

Our sweet baby girl continues to grow like a weed!
Today she is weighing in at 23lb. I know that because this morning she is at the pediatrician for the 3rd time this month! Day care sure does cause a lot of colds with subsequent ear infections. Better now than kindergarten, right?!

 Pigtails! Her hair is getting long...and she's got soft big curls in the back. I gush!

 A swinging tutu. Girl on the go. 

 She still loves to empty my tupperware cabinet. This day, she found Owen's hat while he was sleeping, and she requested to wear it. How could I say no?!

 Dressing the girls alike doesn't happen often, but I sure do love to capture it when I can!

 A tired Christmas elf. 

 Last night we turned her around to face forward in her car seat. She was getting to the point where she would cry every time I tried to put her in the car, so we flipped her. (You're supposed to wait until they are two... but they can't move their legs!). So last night we flipped her and went looking at Christmas lights. She kept saying, "Hi Hi" and "Wow!". :) 

 Sometimes she poops like this ;) 

 Perfect Santa reaction!

 Sickness cuddles this month. 

 First ponytail! Look how it curls!

 I don't feel good, I don't want to eat anything, and I will tell you about it!

....but if you give me a cookie, I'll consider being happy & patient :) 

She can ask for cookies now.. which means she gets more than I would otherwise prefer to allow!

She calls herself 'Matey'.
She says a perfect 'Owen' and calls him bubby too. She sticks to 'Sis Sis' or 'Sissy' for Millie. 
She knows every kid in her class & calls them by name. Her teacher too.. but Faith sure is hard to say when you are only 19 months!
Other cute words: E-O-E-O for cheerio. 
She knows the entire cast of Finding Dory from a library book: Dory, Nemo, Hank, etc!
She loves to say the word CUP (Hard emphasis on the P!)
WE love the way she says Boat.. imagine a Minnesotan accent. 

We love her so. Merry Christmas!