Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A special 2nd birthday party

Here are a few shots from Millie's 2nd birthday party (now 6 weeks ago....). Last year on her birthday, Owen threw up on her presents. I was hopeful this party would go a bit better.

It started out with a bang,, this is a picture of us telling Steven's girlfriend, Alaska, about the time he pulled my mom's bra out of his pant leg on the bus in 5th grade. It might be my favorite story e.v.e.r from his childhood ;)

Cuddles to kick off the festivities.

There is a big difference from 1 to 2 when is comes to opening presents. I think Owen was hoping to be helpful, but she was quite capable, all by her little self.

I enjoyed the snuggle time too... although with Amelia, the snuggle time is abundant.

Accessories to care for her baby!
Feeding her baby. These little moments melt my heart.

Loving on her new elephant!

Time to put baby night night.  

We have new special guests this year at our family events! Introducing... Mary. We love her.

Millie helping daddy put together her new balance bike.

Love this girl's spunk!

'Ride my bicycle!'

Didn't take her long to balance. The girl has motor skills!

But is super shy when everyone is singing happy birthday!

She got the hang of it, though! (She also picked out the color of her icing.)


Bitsy and Itsy Bitsy. These girlies share a birthday week.
Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate our little love!

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