Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday, my darling Amelia!

I know I'm a month late here, but we had a blast celebrating the 2nd birthday of our darling Amelia. Pictures of the party to come.. but for now, a tribute to this spunky & independent little girl. She weighed in at 25lb 3oz and is 35 inches tall. If you double her 2 year old height (rule of thumb for adult height), that would put her at 5'10''. Wow. I guess her good eating is really doing something. She's as sweet as she is sassy, and don't get too used to one mood. Just as Missouri weather can change in 5 minutes, so can the attitude of this little love. I suppose she comes by that honestly from her mother ;)

She loves to give kisses and the 'lub you mommy', 'lub you daddy' has begun. As you can imagine this certainly warms my heart to the deepest possible place. She's working on her manners, saying 'thank you' and 'welcome' in the same breath. Her beloved baby (sometimes named Blue, sometimes named Pink) is the favorite toy right now. She takes baby everywhere, feeds baby in the high chair, and tonight at dinner she sat baby down for a hair cut. Two weeks ago we took away her pacifiers, and instead of providing a chronicle of that 'journey/headache', I'll just let you use your imagination.

Amelia's personality is blooming profusely. She's shy and timid around new people and situations, but she's got guts and gusto when it comes to trying new things. She got a balance bike for her birthday, and she's already taking off and tackling bumps. I can't even ride a bike that well. I can already tell that she'll be a kind adult (teenager, who knows?) and a nurturer of sorts. She'll be an independent soul for sure, and though that might be harder to raise in the short term, it's certainly a characteristic I want to foster.

I love this baby with every cell in my body, and I feel so blessed to have spent the last 2 years with her. My prayer, always, is that she would continue to grow in health and in joy, knowing always that she was created by a God who loves her and knitted her together precisely in my womb for a specific purpose.
We looooove you darling Millie! xo, Mom & Dad

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  1. Happy Birthday, Amelia! I cannot believe she is already two!