Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Susson Farm

Time for a little Blog catch-up here. Sometime 2 months ago (....) on a nice warm day in September, we had a really fun & new outing, so I figured it was blog worthy. Mima Wade accompanied us down to Susson Park.. it's down in South County, somewhere we never go! This was a big adventure ;)
This park had a playground, but it also had a ton of live animals, real, up close, HUGE, live animals!

We were all enthralled with these pigs. They stunk beyond any vocabulary word I can think of to describe the stench....but we stood there for 10 minutes watching them fight over food, poop in the mud, then roll in the mud, etc.
Mama Sow with all of her piglets. I absolutely get how some cultures consider pork dirty.

This one was missing meal time, but somehow I don't think that's a problem.

Farmer Owen.

I think they were all looking at a (very) pregnant goat who was breathing strangely. Probably because she was (very) pregnant. Some of us have been there before...!

Mama Goat.

We went back to the pigs in the mud and watched for another 10 minutes.
Somehow I missed the pictures of the Mama Cows (and those utters- wowza), the huge majestic horses, and the bull. Wow that bull. He had not been castrated. And I couldn't.stop.looking. Slightly embarrassed that I was with my mother-in-law;)
This free park is just one of the many kid-friendly gems that St. Louis has to offer. We love the zoo, but it was neat to see these animals a little closer and in different habitats. We'll be heading waaay back down to South County next spring for sure!

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