Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

I'm going to skip over our fall events. I'm sure October and November were full of wonder, but I can't seem to remember anything during the 1st 12-14 weeks of this pregnancy. I think that's a protective mechanism that God gives to mothers ;)
So let's get to the holidays! There is much to report!
The Saturday after Turkey Day we have a (two years running) tradition to head out to Wash, MO in search of the Clark Griswold family Christmas tree. The kids love these sleds the best!

It's a fun ride!
Daddy explaining how we are going to cut this tree down. O wanted to get a really....tall....tree...but he settled for a 6 foot-er.

Heading in with our loot!

My kiddos are obsessed with their cousin Carson!
 15 attempts and the 5 of them would never look at the same time. Not a surprise I suppose! We'd  already attempted this 30 times in Maui!
We got the tree home and the Owen absolutely could not wait to decorate. We learned later that he thought Santa would come after the tree was decorated. It was heartbreaking to tell him he still had a month to wait!

Amelia put all of her ornaments on one branch. Also, pants are apparently optional!

My little elf, intentionally placing ornaments. It's the engineer in him!

Millie's finalized project. We left it that way all month.
There is nothing more magical than the glow of a Christmas tree through the month of December!

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