Saturday, August 7, 2010

oskee bow wow

This post is dedicated to the newest member of our family. Welcome OSKEE!! She is Mike's 30th birthday present, and I think so far she's a hit in the Wade family. 
Here are her stats:
Age: 2.5 years (born March 2008)
Breed: Beagle + Daschund
Weight: Should be about 25lbs (actually is about 10 pounds over that)
Color: A beautiful tan. She matches my interior perfectly.
Disposition: As sweet as can be. She doesn't even bark. How did I luck out with that one?
Tricks: Potty trained (YAY!), sits, waits, smells, loves, kisses

We adopted her from a friend of a friend from our old church here in Seattle. This family loves her dearly, but their 18 month old is allergic (asthma and the whole bit). So, they are looking for a new home for her... enter the Wades. We picked her up a week ago, and she's just been a dream. We've left her home by herself a fair bit (as little as possible), and she doesn't mess with anything or on anything. We were tentative to get a dog this close to having a new baby, but she's already been through the newborn process once, and her previous family says she did really well.

As we mentioned, she's a bit over weight, and the poor thing has sleep apnea (diagnosed by me). She needs a little doggy CPAP machine. We've been walking her for a hour every day to get her in to some routine. As I mentioned before, she came from the home of an 18month old who fed her Cheerios constantly. They were the best of friends.. I can't imagine why!

This is her favorite past time- licking Mike's feet. It tickles him so bad and it cracks me up. Welcome Oskee, to our family. We look forward to a long life with you!

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