Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been wanting to write this post for a long time. I know none of you have been missing it, but it's been in the back of my mind, that's all. I want to tell you about Mike's rowing. He's been on the Lake Sammamish Cru Team for over a year now (maybe even longer?), and he LOVES it! It's a commitment: M, W nights, and Sat mornings, but being on the water + learning a new sport + being a member of a team + getting a great work = time very well spent. A few weeks ago he had a regatta up at Greenlake (one of my favorite spots to walk/run.. more walking now than running). It's just north of downtown, and on a cloudy Saturday morning without traffic you can get there in 15-20 minutes. This Saturday morning in Seattle's August was very cool and cloudy indeed.


He is the second boat, just after the orange team. Lake Sammamish's colors are red and navy, and Mike is in the 3rd seat wearing his red and navy Cardinals hat. I'm so proud!
And they're off!!!
These are pictures of the first boat he raced in (My pictures from that race were very distant). This is an 8 seat sweep boat. With sweep rowing, each member has just one oar, and they alternate port and starboard sides. I think these are all of the correct terms. The boats look absolutely beautiful in the water! Mike's team did well, and he loved racing. The next race is 'Race for the Cure' on Sept 18. All proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research,
As I mentioned previously, it was quite cloudy and cool that morning, so I treated myself to a hot soy chai tea latte. I walked at least once around Greenlake (one go round is about 3 miles),  I cheered on my hubby, and I got to thinking about living in Seattle...

List of things that make me a Seattlite (I've taken the Seattle pill, in essence)
1. I agree with Seattlites that Starbucks is the worst coffee in the city (Starbucks was the only available warm drink on the above mentioned cool day)
2. I bring home groceries/purchases at Target in my reusable bags
3. I plan to use cloth diapers
4. We recycle as much as we can and my goal before the end of the summer is to figure out where to dump our compost. The city of Seattle mandates it, and you pay for it with your trash fee. We are in Bellevue, so I need to do some research.
5. My OB seems to have a lot more 'rules' than the OB of friends around the country who are also pregnant. Nonetheless, I will follow every rule to the T!
6. I want the BOB jogger stroller.. I feel like it's 'THE' stroller to have. I will not get the Bob, but I want it.
7. I love the ability to hike or walk on the beach with a 30 minute drive in either direction
8. I prefer to eat at neighborhood 'eateries' as opposed to chain restaurants like Applebees. Why waste the money on processed foods when you can have fresh, unique meals from restaurants with character?

List of things that do not make me a Seattlite
1. My wardrobe does not come from REI (Mike is a different story!)
2. We do not eat organic. Perhaps my baby will have ADD because I ate berries this summer that were likely treated with pesticides. I can't control everything.
3. I am having a baby before the age of 30 (people honestly think I am crazy- whatever)
4. I absolutely hate the weather, and I do not think the Seattle summer is the best thing since sliced bread. I wore a sweatshirt to walk the dog this morning. It's August 25th.. that's just unnecessary.
5. I am not comfortable with the mass amount of people that walk around the city in Spandex (many commute on bikes, and they change to professional clothes once they get to work). I just don't know what to do while they are still in the Spandex. Where does one look?
6. The majority of our friends here are midwest transplants.. there must be something about us!  

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