Saturday, October 2, 2010

be boo britt

Baby Wade got a VERY special treat for growing all of the way into the third trimester. We had a wonderful visit from Aunt Britt from LA. She came up to Seattle and brought sunshine and warmth!! (relative warmth anyway). 
We took the 28 week cabbage picture at Pike Place Market downtown.. a true tourist destination.
Big news of the week developmentally is that Baby is growing eye lashes and opening an closing its baby blues to check out it's new surrounding.s. Again , this kind of grosses me out, and it is even more of an argument for the erythromycin ointment they put in babies eyes right after birth.
Britt is drinking coffee for two. Coffee still grosses me out for the most part (even with my favorite almond flavoring in it), but chai tea lattes are hitting the spot. We started out each day with a warm something.. I can't let her come to Seattle and not get plenty of coffee.

We were on the hunt for an apple orchard to pick apples. When in Washington, right? Turns out that quest was a bust, but we did find a pumpkin patch with plenty of preschool aged activities. We had no problem fitting right in...
Baby Wade is still destined to be corny...
Britt was feeling left out. She's got the cute bump without the weight gain in the rear and face. Perfection!

How do you like them apples? We found some eventually! This pic was taken at Chateau Ste. Michele winery in Woodinville, WA. Who says a pregnant girl and her best friend can't spend a sunny afternoon at a winery? Again, Britt graciously drank for two =)

Downtown Jet City. She really did bring the sun! Thanks for a wonderful visit Britt. So grateful for all of your preemptive breastfeeding tips. You know you have a good friend when she agrees to help you with breastfeeding via Skype. What a girl.

Now it's just me, Owcy (Britt's nickname for Baby), and Oskee. We are missing Mike who is soaking up the sun in So. Cal. He is traveling back to his old stomping grounds in China Lake, CA tomorrow on his crew rest day before another long week of test flying. Hurry home soon love, we miss you!

Love, Heather and Owcy

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