Tuesday, September 28, 2010

finishing up trimester 2

The close to trimester two has been fabulous. I spent two weeks in St. Louis working with the world's best doc, relaxing with my family, catching some girl time with my favorites, being spoiled at a shower, and eating all of STL's treasures (including home cooking from Chef Ryan Cooper- to be highlighted in a later post).

Baby Wade is growing like a weed, as they say. Many of the clothes that I brought to St. Louis no longer fit in my second week there. This forced a shopping spree with Grandma and Papa Cooper. We really did have too much fun. I adore my parents, and I can not wait to live closer to them!

Week 26. As long as an English Hot House Cucumber. This little blog project isn't just fun, it's educational. Did anyone else know about this special cucumber?

Week 27. Baby is the size of a cauliflower. I told you it was growing like a weed! Just kidding, this is a picture from the dressing room at the maternity store. I put on the belly that adds 3 months. I can't imagine being this big at the end of December, but at least this shirt will fit.

Ok, here is 27 weeks. Baby is 2lbs, 15ish inches. And it is twisting and turning in my belly daily! It can't pick a side- it's back has alternated right to left for the last 3 days. What a fun sensation.

It is great to be back at home with Mike for a few days. I sure did miss him, and he made coming home so appealing. The house was spotless, he had dinner in the oven, and he even went out to find alcohol free red wine. This man definitely knows the way to my heart! I am so blessed.  He leaves town again Thursday to head to Southern California for an unknown length of time (insert very sad face here).

We started our birthing classes last night, and for some reason the reality hit me that I actually have to birth this child. Previous to yesterday, I hadn't thought twice about this event. A couple of birthing videos later, the reality has hit me in the face. I think I will leave this post with the thought of birthing videos =)

LOVE, Heather, Mike, and the little Tyke 


  1. HA HA...I had the same exact feeling. Somehow this kid HAS to come out of me, one way or another. It's funny because I just watched a show on orgasmic birth--very strange. Know that you will survive, it will be hard at times, but in the end, you'll see that beautiful face, touch those tiny hands and forget about it all within 24 hours.

  2. i have no experience with birth. well, in canada, i learned about assisting an eskimo teen birth a child in the canadian snowy outback...though that doesn't really apply here. but i do think english hot house cucumbers are AWESOME, i ate them in salads all summer. i love you so much. and i miss you terribly. and i'm obsessed with your blog.