Saturday, September 4, 2010

destined to be corny

As this baby will is made 1/2 of Cooper blood, its sense of humor is destined to be corny. We love our corny jokes for sure. And, the longer I am married to Mike, the more he is like my dad- how does that happen? Sometimes his jokes are just as bad as my dad and brothers' =). This baby has no chance. Juneau I love you baby Wade? 
I had to switch up the picture a bit this week. I bought the corn, and I was prepared for the 24 week picture, but Mike left town asap when we got back from Maui, and that morning I wasn't in shape for pictures by the time he left. SO, you get a picture of corn (in case you needed a refresher of what it looks like), and the belly pics we took at the condo in Maui right before we left on Tuesday!

I think I 'bloomed' in Maui. Maybe the uterus leans toward the sun just like plants do? It was just waiting to get out of the terrible Seattle summer to pop out perhaps? I received my first 'congratulations on your pregnancy' from 2 strangers, and that sure put me on cloud nine. I think I've also officially reached my goal of the belly sticking out more than the rear end.

So on to baby stats: Owen/Lucy is the length of an ear of corn (~12inches) and has gained 4oz since last week! This puts the baby weighing in at just over a pound. The big news of the week are those lungs. We have major development going on there. This makes mama nurse thrilled as lungs are definitely compatible with life. We've reached the point that if the baby was to be born today (heaven forbid), it could (with EXTREME medical intervention and the grace of God) be a viable baby. Stay tucked in there baby, don't go getting any ideas about that yet. The last two nights as I have been studying for my nurse practitioner boards (blarg...), I can see my belly bouncing from the outside as the baby kicks! I can't wait for Mike to get home to see this!

Emotional update: I went and did it again... this time I went to Target to buy an anniversary card for Mike. This is WAY worse than birthday. How do you find a card that expresses your deep respect and love for the man of your dreams? How do you thank someone for devoting their all to your marriage? How do you explain that you are so proud of the man your husband grows in to day by day? I didn't think it could be possible to love someone more today than I did on our wedding day two years ago. But that is the beautiful thing about love I suppose! Thank you God for this gift. Happy Anniversary on Monday my love. So glad we had Maui to celebrate since we can't be together!

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