Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

As I mentioned before, Mike was up until 1ish a.m. playing Santa.. but I think he loved every minute of it. As Owen was only 12 months at Christmas last year (and we were traveling for the holidays), this was Owen's first Christmas were Santa came in to play.
Mike's family has a tradition that Santa's gift is unwrapped under the tree. We'll carry this tradition on in our house...especially since Owen's gift was far to big to wrap this year. Santa cheated and brought a Christmas/Birthday gift for O this year, but hopefully he'll love it. It's a little tikes fort/play house with loooots of fun places to play cars.

I love this picture for the look of wonder and his little Santa jammies.
A highlight of some of the car tracks.

Now playing with some of his other gifts from Mommy & Daddy.. Mac truck, Cards hat (infant size), etc..

Millie enjoyed the festivities as much as the rest of us! Santa brought her Etsy prints for her nursery. She was thrilled.

I do love the 2 of them in Christmas jams. My favorite big boy and my favorite little lump.

 Christmas afternoon we went to the Wades to celebrate Christmas and MiMa Wade's birthday! (She shares her birthday with Jesus).
Aunt Lindsey made big snuggly blankets for Owen and Amelia...and Amelia's outfit matched hers perfectly! Maybe it was OK that she pooped through absolutely every Christmas outfit I had for her by the time we reached Christmas afternoon.

MiMa's favorite thing to do is snuggle babies.
Here are a few shots of Owen playing with his remote control 'Wee New Fire Truck'. We have now added in 'fire truck' to the wee new.


 The last box opened was full of Purdue gear in each kiddo's size. MiMa and Papa Wade went to Purdue & fell in love there. The rest is history. I though this was the cutest idea. Here they are showing off their black & old gold. A close second to the better black & gold school =)
I regret that I don't have more pictures of this day. Ava's now walking all over the place, and Carson & Olivia are so fun to watch opening presents. More next year.. I promise.

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  1. This Boilermaker loves your last pic! Too cute! Thanks for all the pictures and updates.