Thursday, December 13, 2012

Surrogate Aunties

When I was growing up, we called my parents' closest friends 'Aunt' & 'Uncle'. Aunt Chris, Uncle Rick.. you get the picture. I'm sure we'll have O & A do the same because Miss Willard or Miss Claire just seems too formal for someone that I hope they will know and love dearly! 
 And all of those years I was in Seattle, I romanticized and dreamed about seeing my closest friends more often... if only we could move to the Midwest. Alas my dreams are coming true.
I was able to meet baby George just one week after he was born, AND I was able to see Claire while pregnant. These visits would not have been possible if we lived in Seattle. Furthermore, I'll get to see Claire & George in just a few weeks... I'll get to see him TWICE before he's even 2 months old. Can't wait!

Right after I saw Claire and George, Auntie Britt flew in town from L.A. to snuggle Miss Millie and 'Play cars, Britt?' with Owen. She brought smuggled diapers & nipple pads from the hospital along with 2 extra arms, great hugs, and that impeccably perfect sense of humor.

Owen wanted to sit on her lap and look at pictures over and over. Now when he and I are looking at pictures, he says, 'More Britt?'

I think during her night shifts as a postpartum nurse, she dreams up scenarios for newborn pictures. A regular Anne Geddes. She had the idea to put Millie in a stocking.. and I did not object one bit!

"Play cars, Britt?" Owen also loves Britt because her visit inspired us to make several trips to Dunkin. Britt runs on Dunkin.. coffee that is. Owen apparently runs on Dunkin... donut holes.

Thanks to Mike, we were able to get all snazzy for a night out at Araka. Lindsey joined too, and Ryan literally wined and dined us.
We ALL adore and miss you terribly. Please come back soon!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we had another surrogate Auntie come visit. Chelsea, Branden, their two girls (Siena, 4, and Maya, 12mo), and two dogs (Rocky & Annie) stopped by for a night on their way from Kansas to North Carolina. Yes, they are an adventurous sort! Owen loved Branden because he shelled all of the pistachios for the kiddos, and Owen could eat them super fast!

As I haven't seen Siena since she was 11 months, I certainly had never met Maya. She's been walking since 11 months, and she's got the adorable drunken cowboy walk perfected. She's a sweetsie, sweetsie girl, and I hope to see much more of her in 2013!

We forgot to take a pic Sunday night, but we grabbed a quick shot of us Monday morning at 6:00 am before they hit the road again. Chels, it warmed my heart to see you. I am so proud of the woman, mother, wife, and professor (at Duke, no less) that you are. I respect you immensely. Here's to many more visits in the near future... now that we are no longer 4000 miles apart.
My heart overfloweth with love for you ladies, the surrogate aunties of my children. I cherish you each, and I am so grateful for you in my lives. xoxo.

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  1. Just had to get me cryin...didn't you?! I so enjoyed our visit together no matter how short. And I'm thrilled that you have had the opportunity to visit with all your girls. We are lucky to have you in our lives!! MMWWWAAAA