Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas for us this year started out with explosive vomiting.. by Owen. It was then passed on to me and then to Mike. After we finished with the gut stuff, we caught Owen's cold. Fortunately we weren't traveling by plane this year which did make the week somewhat easier.... and we tried not to let the crud ruin our spirits!

Christmas Eve we dropped vomiting Owen off with MiMa Cooper.. and then Daddy, Millie, and I headed off to the 2pm Christmas Eve service with Papa Cooper and Uncle Ryan. I was super excited to introduce Ryan to our church, and to dress Millie up in her 'Monday' best.

Somebody has her daddy wrapped around a little finger. I can't decide which of them is more cute...

I promise I wrapped her in a blanket after our photo ops. Why do they make baby dresses with short sleeves?!

My dad got a picture frame that says 'Some of my greatest blessings call me Papa'. I think he'll put this pic in it..=)

O perked up a bit and had plenty of energy to play trains with Uncle Ryan.

And then the gift opening began. This is really the first time Owen has opened gifts since last year at his birthday/Christmas. He was much more engaged this year... so excited that he tried to open the next gift with the current one still in his hand. Quite a dilemma.

He had no trouble getting the wrap off now!

But Uncle Ryan is always there to help.

...and then he got to hold a sweet baby girl....until she let out a few rumbles on his lap.

After Uncle Steven got home and O went to bed, we had a nice adult dinner and then played our 'white elephant' game. We all bring a bunch of gifts. Some nice. Some gag. We roll a dice, and whoever gets the highest number picks first. The next person can steal that gift or pick another. You know how the game goes.
Well it turns out that my dad is notorious for picking the gag gifts which happened to be centered around Christmas Vacation this year. Here's our very own Cousin Eddy.. outfit complete with the hat and black dickie. I swear you can get anything on Amazon!

...but the winner of the jelly of the month club went to Ry.
We have an absolute blast playing this game, and it takes a lot of pressure out of shopping (etc).. especially for the boys!
We got home from my folks around 11:45 pm (much later than my normal bedtime ;) ), and then Mike played Santa till 1:30! I got to go to bed since I wake up for night time feedings ;) We were up bright and early at 5:45ish Christmas morning... .to be chronicled in another post!

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