Tuesday, November 27, 2012

23 Months: Big Boy Bed

Time is just flying along. The days are long and the months are short. I thought the days were just long in the newborn phase.....but it seems that the toddler phase also makes for long days. Owen will sleep 10-11 hours at night (good...though waking at 5:30), and 40-60 minutes during the day. All I want for a Christmas is more than an hour of 'break-time' from my toddler-constantly-seeking-independence during the day! On one hand, his schedule exhausts me. On the other hand, his ability to affect his environment does help us communicate, and I am fascinated by how quickly he is learning.

In other news.. we've transitioned to the big boy bed. At the very end of October, I put O in his crib for nap time. Then I went to change Amelia's diaper. The next thing I knew, Owen waltzed in to the nursery. WHAT?!?!. He's been in the big boy bed since. The first week was wonderful. He was so excited about his airplane sheets and extra space, etc. Then he figured out he could get out of his bed and did so repeatedly. So we had to re-sleep train in a sense. It started with an hour of all out crying behind the door at the loss of the ability to come join Mike and I in the family room. For 3 days (at least) straight, he fell asleep behind his door.

This post will be short on photos because I have used all of my allotted photo storage space, and I had to delete some from Picasa in order to upload more (like I have time to do all of that!) It takes 24 hours to effectively delete, so you'll just have to read more words this time around. So sorry.

Raking leaves with Daddy
Bring on the fall!
Airplane Sheets!
This is how he sleeps... backwards, butt in the air, etc.

This month we've been getting more in to arts & crafts. Here we are kneading our home made play dough.

And now we're making O's, snakes, and logs.

He also loves to color.

Like I said... we're worn out.

Our O is getting smarter by the day, counting to 10 (just the numbers, not actual objects), reciting colors & shapes constantly. The phrase of the month is ALL DONE, ALL DONE. It is screamed and often precedes a tantrum if you aren't quick enough to release him from whatever he is all done doing. He's very sweet with Amelia, LOVES to brush his teeth with his Cars "poo taste", and is very interested in the choice vehicle of the month: the dump truck.


  1. I love the Owen updates. I cannot beleive he is only sleeping 40-60 minutes during the day! Tyler still naps about 3 hours a day. It is my saving grace! Hang in there mama!

  2. Love him...I'm SOOOOO glad we finally got to meet your babies. I adore them. Can't wait to have another playdate! And where do I buy this 'poo taste'? It sounds wonderful! ;)