Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Month: Practically perfect in every way!

Miss Amelia has stolen our hearts. 
She's growing too!
Weight: 8lbs 12 oz (25-50%)
Length: 22 inches (75-90%)
Head Circumference: 14.24 inches (25-50%)

The following photos are my 'attempt' at newborn pictures. I don't know how the professionals do it. She was sleeping...until I started taking pictures.
 I brought blocks to the hospital hoping they could take a picture like this in black and white, but you could still tell that the colors didn't match.
This one is pretty sweet... but good enough for a birth announcement? Needless to say, I am no where near getting a birth announcement out.
Love those pursed lips.

Mom, I am so over this photo shoot.
She still loves to cuddle with her daddy.
She spends a decent amount (too much?) of time in this brown bouncy chair. From here, she watches Owen's antics, and I feel she is just a tad bit safer than on the floor! Placing her in here is also like pressing the 'snooze' button.. it knocks her out (which is perfect at 2am when she is wide awake after eating).
She really likes to have that left arm up. She's also my kid that prefers to look left. I'm sure she was pleased with the election results this week =)
Turns out she actually boiled in this cute outfit and screamed the entire way home. Live and learn =)
My mom's arms have been priceless this last month. As you can see she is cradling a baby and instructing Owen to do something. Both jobs that I should be doing. I chose to take a picture instead.

Meeting Great Uncle Jay (my mom's brother)

...and Great Aunt Sharon (his lovely wife).
Millie's play time is closely attended by every living being in this house (sounds a lot like my showers, toileting, etc). Owen is pretty attentive and has started giving lots of kisses on her head. However, he also raised the foot of her onesie just now to wipe his nose. We are working on appropriate signs of affection.

Helping with tummy time. The size difference between the 2 of the amazes me.

Teaching her about tractors...

 On the way home from her 1 month appointment... already in her 0-3 months clothes.
More reasons why we love this princess dearly:
-She may look and act just like her daddy, but she has her mother's upper airways. She snorts. She grunts. She's VERY noisy. (In fact, I am going to move her from the cradle in our room to her crib as soon as we get it up in the nursery).
- She l.o.v.e.s to be held. Who wouldn't?
- She's tracking some, and her eyes are generally less crossed. Also..... I think they might turn out to be blue?!?! We shall see! 
- I love the her new baby smell
- She does have her fussy hour (usually starting between 6 and 8), but the 5S's work as well as standing next to a faucet of running water.
- I've been less persistent about her tummy time, but she's still getting the hang of head control.
- I reread Owen's one month blog post, and he was only sleeping 11 hours a day. Dear Lord, how did I make it? Miss Amelia, God bless her, sleeps considerably more. She's got herself in a great routine. Eat: 30 minutes, Play: 30 minutes, Sleep: 1hour. Repeat (give or take). At night she'll eat every 3-4 hours. I haven't calculated her total daily sleep, but it's more than 11 hours!
I'll be honest, the transition to 2 is tough, but thanks to 3 ladies named Jill, Lindsey, and Becky, and a Papa Cooper who drops by with lunch at least weekly... we are making it! We are SO glad to live by family. Have I mentioned that before?


  1. Heather, this post cracked us up, especially about Owen's new "tissue." Such a darling! We miss you guys but are very grateful for blogs and FB so we can see "for ourselves" that you're doing well. You'll get the hang of two soon, I'm sure!

  2. I love the photo of your mom with your caption. I feel like that very frequently - thank goodness for moms/grandmas!

  3. What an amazing job you are doing with those cuties! Being a mom to two is hard, but it looks like Millie is finding all the love and growth she needs!! And she sounds a lot like Maya, fast birth, very noisy sleeper...yep and yep! ;)