Sunday, March 27, 2011

three months!

Well here we are at 3 months old! Owen has had a very exciting last week of being 2 months! Gaga and Papa Wade were in town, he took his first road trip (mom made some rookie mistakes), AND he met firefighters for the first time (that's a long story that results in a broken water heater, baths in a hotel, and mom and dad spending $1200 =)

 I love this shirt and that sly little smile. The past few days he has been doing this same smile with his tongue sticking out. I couldn't quite capture that one!

 The Mr. Man in his Bumbo seat. He is doing a fantastic job of holding his head up!!
 You leave the baby home with Mike for a day, and this photo shoot happens! I am glad he at least included the Tiger blanket!
You'll notice that he is always looking to the right. This is a case of (very) slight torticolis. Becky Wade says it's because he was a born republican. I suppose he is a Wade boy, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's true!

This is bat baby's favorite past time... sucking on his hand. He doesn't care if it's the left or right these days. He sucks it to the point that he has a little rash forming.. oh Owen.

 This documents his first road trip! He did a fantastic job being in the car for so long, but he is now very tired of his car seat, and he's unhappy when we start to strap him in. I think this week, we'll try to lay low on the errand running!

 The little baby puppy dog...

 OK, I couldn't help myself taking pictures of the little nakey baby. Can you tell that he is 90% for height and 25% for weight? Skinny skinny, but look at that head control!

 love the naked baby

This is his favorite activity, to goo and play on his back. He is loving toys now, sometimes grabbing at them. He can certainly track them as well, and I just think that is so so cool. He is developing right before my very eyes, and I love it!

I think these pictures highlight well the last few weeks. We are hoping that in our post for 4 months we can report something about sleeping longer through the night...

We love and miss all of you! xoxox, the Wades


  1. So super cute! Glad you got in some quality time with Gaga and Papa...I'm sure Owen enjoyed it! I just love his little facial expressions!

  2. I love all the photos! Keep 'em coming. He is getting so big! I am sorry to hear about the $1200 fiasco.