Monday, April 4, 2011

i totally dig my dad

Here's the little man @ 14 weeks! This week's post is dedicated to Mike. Owen LOVES his daddy. When Mike gets home from work and starts playing with Owen, he (the baby) actually laughs a little! It is very hard for Mom to laughs out of this one, but he gives them freely to his daddy. I love watching them together, and the love in my heart for them is just growing leaps and bounds daily. I also want to dedicate this post to Mike because it hasn't been fun to be him lately. He's pulling a lot of 12 hour days, and when he gets home he seems to always have something that needs fixin (garage door, computer, etc). He works so hard, and you never hear a disgruntled peep out of him. I really hope Owen gets that quality from him.

Developmentally we've had an exciting week. I think I mentioned that he is tracking, and he loves to reach and grab for things like soft rattles, shirts, mommy's hair, etc. The night of April Fools he slept 7.5 hours. Well the joke is on me because I got my hopes up, and I don't think it's going to happen again any time soon as we are growth spurting a bit and feeding like crazy (middle of the night included). Since he turned 3 months last week, we've been working very hard on getting him on a schedule. We are putting him to bed at the same time each night in hope that will stimulate some regularity of sleep and feeding times. So far no luck, but we've only been going at it for a week. If any of you experienced moms have any advice... please press the comment button at the end of this post!

I should feature Owen's ear in today's picture because he peed in his ear today. Last week he got his face, and today he shot straight for his ear. I wish I could have that on video.

Well I should get going. Our computer crashed last night (fortunately we backed it up a week ago), but I lost all of my school work from the last week. My doctoral thesis paper is due 4-15, so I really need to take advantage of his 40 minute naps. If you have extra room in your prayers, you can send some up for an hour of productive working time daily for me. Is that too much to ask? I am so overwhelmed...

I love you all! Heather


  1. Look at that double chin! I love it!! Seems like his cluster feeding is paying off! Good work, Mama!! I hope that his sleeping patterns will settle down. And I hate to tell you now, that once they do, something new happens, teething, sitting up, standing, etc. and you have to start from scratch. I guess no one ever said this job was easy! Do remember, 'Head up, young person.' You will succeed with flying colors and then you can brag that you finished grad school with a baby in tow!! ;)

  2. Oooh! Oooh! I am a witness and I can testify to Owen's mad tracking skillz! Your little man is so loveable. I want to go play with him again, please!

  3. Hi Heather!!
    I'm sorry Mister Owen is not cooperating with the 'schedule'. I would list 'my advice' however I'm well aware that EVERY child is different, and Mr. Man just might take a bit longer in adapting TO a schedule. Just KEEP sticking to your schedule!!!!! I cannot emphasize this more! Children (even babies) need a schedule (even if they refute it). I promise you, one day he will cave in and stick to it. I will pray for perseverance and grace in this. You and Mike are no doubt WONDERFUL parents. TRUST in that and stick to your routine, and he will follow. I promise!
    He is SO incredibly adorable...I can't stand it!!!