Saturday, April 30, 2011

all in the family

it's been a very busy week for O-dub (thanks to Adam Willard for the new nick name!). he survived his first airplane flight, first Easter, first cardinal baseball game, first tornado warning, first introductions to all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins.. and to top that all off, he finally discovered his toes. we have so much blogging to update on, but we'll start with pictures of O-dub meeting all of his extended family!

Friday night started out with new toys from GaGa and Papa Wade. Owen loves his new ball..even throws it from time to time. Mike is still encouraging him to work on his left-handed curve ball. We've got a way to go.

Owen loves to sit on Papa Wade's lap. They laughed, played, solved the world's problems, etc.
Owen LOVED meeting his cousins Carson and Olivia (6 and 4 respectively), and they loved meeting him too. I've been looking forward to getting a picture of all of the Wade grand kids since we got pregnant, and I think this one turned out REALLY well!
Sweetsie Livi playing with baby Owen. He's so comfortable on her lap.. and I think it helps that she's holding the ball.
Aunt Lindsey has the magic touch. He slept on her shoulder for a good 30 minutes. It's tiring being the center of attention. Apparently he got all of the sleep he needed in STL because he's been taking even shorter naps since we got back to Seattle!
Here we are downstairs escaping the tornadoes. The kiddos are playing Mario Kart on the Wii.. I think they both ended up off the track more than on.
Saturday marked Owen's first Cardinal baseball game which will be detailed thoroughly in a separate blog post! Here's the bug-a-boo and Grandma Cooper, all dressed in their red. Owen's such a big fan that he popped out with Red hair too!
Owen also got to meet Great Grandma Cooper. She was thrilled with him! He was thrilled with the golf ball that steers her wheel chair. (Note she wears his picture around her neck over her name tag...)
Owen and Uncle Steven post-spit up. He had to change in to some of Ryan's clothes. After that Steven was a little gun shy. Owen loved him though!
Owen and Papa Cooper at his Bridge ministry event. Papa got to show him off, and Owen got to meet Ozzie (more to come later on that too!). Owen loves getting dressed up in his Cards gear.
Grandma cradling a sleeping baby. To her, life doesn't get much better.
Uncle Ryan and the little man... pre spit-up. I'm not sure why Owen decided to spit on both of my brothers.. they're not used to little ones as it is. We've got some making up to do with them!

On top of meeting all of his extended family last week, Owen also flipped from his back to his tummy, found his toes (already mentioned), is learning to imitate sticking out his tongue, continues to laugh more and more, stands (with me holding his hands) on our laps, and just grows more and more adorable by the day.

We can't wait to show you more pictures from our trip!

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