Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cat nap

I would like to dedicate this post to 'the cat nap'. We saw the pediatric nurse practitioner yesterday for the little man's 2 month well check, and I described his/my sleep struggles to her. She said, "Oh bless your heart. You have one of those cat nappers. It sounds like you are doing everything right.. just Hang in there". So, that is what we will do! I've been reading different baby sleep theories and techniques, trying some here and there...but I don't know that any one technique will be the ticket for this little man. I also think a lot of those theories are just opinions, and the people writing them get very 'attached' to their opinion. It makes me a little skeptical that their opinion is the end all be all. Welcome to the parenting, right? Every stage will have some trial and error. You'll believe some books, and you'll think others are a crock!

Here is a picture of our cat nap time. This is 15 minutes in to his nap. They usually last ~30-35 minutes, so I am typing fast! I thought this picture summed up a lot. He loves the swaddle (and the PNP recommended we continue to swaddle). His head is flat on the right side because he really prefers looking that way, so we are trying to encourage him to look to the left (hence the mirror). I also 'prop' him just slightly for his naps to get him off of that right side. Don't worry, I keep a good eye on him, and at night he is flat on his back. In the top left you'll see our white noise maker. In the bottom left is his stuffed Boeing airplane =) You can also see in the mirror that he has spit his pacifier out.  

Nothing describes many hours of my day better than this picture. 

In his check up yesterday, he weighs 10lb 14oz (25-50%), 24 inches long (90%), and his head is 15cm (10-25%). His head has fallen off the curve a little (maybe because it's so flat?.. I don't know!) This could also be genetics too...

OK.. if he continues to sleep, I really should do some homework. This quarter ends 3-16, and then I just have one left! Praise Jesus

Love, mom 

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  1. Too cute, you crack me up! I love that you said you were typing fast! Thanks for letting us into your lives with such an adorable shot...I can't sleep, I have a plane to catch in t-minus 4 hours. What's wrong with me??!!