Monday, March 14, 2011

11 weeks- flying by!

Monday's child is fair in the face. That is for sure my little boy. He was born on a Monday, and for the past 11 weeks I have had the goal to post a picture and document his development over the last week. Well maybe this is the start of that goal.

Week 11.

Look @ his cutesie homemade gifts we received in the last week! Cousin Amy Cooper sent the adorable 'O' onesie, and Karen Dichsen and the KAMB clan made the leg warmers! I LOVE both of them....put them together in one fantastic outfit, and we have a cute cute baby boy.

He's getting better at tummy time. He still rolls over all of the time, but now he is even more content to push up.... and are you ready for this? He has started to scoot! Yesterday I put him down on his tummy while I washed out his diaper (takes approx 45 seconds). When I came back in the room he had turned 90 degrees. I am concerned that I will have a very early 'mover' here. Dear Owen, please remain mostly stationary until Mama graduates in June. PLEASE!!! I'm already worn out enough!

Hi. My dad's name is Mike Wade. I look exactly like him.

Here was the first outfit of the day. (We had a blow out... pretty much a daily occurrence around here!) I managed to get a sweet sweet smile out of him. He will give them out but you REALLY have to work for it.

Kicking and playing....and another face that looks just like his daddy!

Here are a few developmental highlights from the last week or so. He has discovered his right hand, both visually and orally. For several days he couldn't get that hand out of his mouth. Now he likes sucking on his lower lip. His head control is improving by the day, and he can sit in his 'Bumbo' seat for a good few minutes. He's made best friends with his mobile, and he loves to talk to it as he goes to bed and also in the middle of the night (45 minutes worth of talking last night). It's pretty adorable though, and I am glad he is starting to entertain himself some.

Here's a video. I tried SO hard to get him to smile, but he just wasn't willing. I'll try to video tape a diaper change.. that is his favorite time of day!

So long from Seattle where spring is springing. We've got buds on the trees in our parking lot. Praise the Lord!

We miss and love you all. xoxo, Mike, Heather, Owen, and Oskee

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  1. I love him!! He's just too adorable for words! Is that red hair gonna stick around??!!