Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, the little man is 2 months old tomorrow! On one hand, it seems like just yesterday. On the other hand.. it doesn't. Mike and I are learning a lot about both the joy and humility of parenting. Our confidence is growing by the day, and I suppose we are doing OK because we have a fairly happy and flexible baby that we are SO in love with! 

Here are some highlights from the last month...

 be boo Auntie Britt with the babe in the Moby. We were so blessed to have her come visit at the end of January. She watched the babe and Mike and I had a lunch date. We even talked about grown up things.. so proud. Since then we've reverted back to being obsessed with learning about the babe.

The little man and his red, red hair.

This is a common Owen face. Big eyes, chubby cheeks, pursed lips, and forward bending ears. I think this was the first day I put him in something size 3months. I can't believe how quickly they grow! 
Mike imitating Owen's faces. Mike does the best imitations of the baby (even better than his Forest Gump impression). They make me laugh so hard.. and sometimes even snort too.
Family photo before we braved taking him to church for the first time on 2-13. Turns out for most of the service I was feeding him in the lobby, but I could still hear everything going on, and he was quiet. Double bonus!
Mama and her sweet sweet baby boy.

Another common pose. He loves having his hands up. This shirt says 'I'm a load of fun'. How true this is.
Owen and his new friend Amity Blythe Culbertson (DOB 2-7-11). There will be a whole blog post dedicated to this first play date, but this is one of my favorite pictures of them. I see Owen saying 'Please hold my hand, really, I'm a nice guy'. She is thinking 'I wish he would just leave me alone'.  
Owen's beary first snow fall. We had to dress him up and go out. He is obviously impressed.
Much happier to be inside where it's warm! I love his face in this picture.
He is just starting to smile more, and I am trying desperately to catch it on camera. Though this isn't the most flattering angle, I think it's so so cute. His smile lights up his whole face!
I had to take a picture of him in his overalls at the baby shower we went to today. I love playing dress up, and I intend to for as long as he will let me!

In general, Owen prefers to be held facing out or on his belly. He doesn't like to be held 'like a baby' unless there is food nearby. He's an excellent eater, and he's frequently hungry. He still eats every 2 -2.5hours during the day. We've already discussed his lack of daytime sleep routine, so I won't belabor that point here. He is, however, getting better at night, and for that I feel blessed. He can't really focus on much yet, and Mike laughs because anytime you look directly at him, his eyes dart back and forth from left to right. He's still a snuggle bug when he's being held up on your shoulder, and I just love the feel of his soft (and thinning) hair on my cheek.

Happy 2 months Owen, we are thrilled to be getting to know you!

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  1. Oh he just melts my heart! I love the smile picture...and the 'load' one I think he looks like Ryan!! The rest of the pictures say Mike, but adorable through and through!! I can't wait to meet this little guy!