Wednesday, May 7, 2014

19 Months: 'No'

"Millie should we take a bath?"
"Millie should we brush teeth?"
"Millie would you like to get dressed?"
"Millie do you want some milk?"
"Millie, please sit on your bottom."
"Millie let's change your pants."
"Millie let's go to bed."
.....Noticing a theme here?! It's her new favorite word. And why am I asking her questions with a yes or no answer? I.don't.know.
She's coming along in the word department! New words: Papa, Car, Ooooooo (Long O, inflection at the end.. for Owen), Luv You, Yadi (these last 2 sound quite similar), Uh Oh, Duck, Baba (Bib),

About to run... because I'm about to take those wipes. She loves to unload the entire package.
Favorite sensory activity of the month: a big bucket of pasta.
Lots of pouring, dumping on the floor, eating... you know!

One day after nap, I had bowls containing the rest of the Easter candy. This was a special treat accompanied by 30 minutes of PBS kids. I just had to get it, and they were obviously thrilled!

She just wants to be big. Big shoes. Big slides. Big meals. Cups without lids. Big.

Last Saturday we had a long afternoon (minimal naps) at the St. Louis air show watching the Blue Angels. The traffic was horrid so we didn't make it all of the way to the show, but we found a field and the kids ran while the fighter jets flew overhead. After we got home it was time for bath and snuggle time. She needed her baby and her blanket.

This girl has no fear. None. I constantly find her on top of things.
She's honestly going to really hurt herself.

She still loves the Tupperware drawer, too... a little piece of 'baby' that's
 left in my very active and dynamic toddler. (I guess the pacifier counts as a baby activity as well!)
She's finally really interested in learning words. Most meals include her pointing at different objects as if to ask what it's called. Sometimes she tries to repeat the word, and sometimes she moves on. It's been the most fun development of the last month, that's for sure!
She's also developed the blood curdling scream (quite dramatic in the library), and she pulls it out when we have to leave a place where she does not wish to leave. It's a bit embarrassing, and I need to figure out how to nip it... however I think it will take longer than I'd like!
Thanks for following our little girl along through her growth & development!

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  1. Such a fun age, eh? Her cuteness sure does make it difficult to stay too frustrated, right? Hang in there - soon she will be able to communicate non-stop and listening will improve too! Love you!